Beabull is a breed of a designer dog made by mix breeding of an English bulldog with a beagle. The result is a Beabull that is a very lovable and lively dog with a very tough and independent splash. Close to other designer dogs, the looks of a Beabull may vary depending on its genetic contribution. On the other hand, a lot of Beabulls have inherited the wrinkles of the Bulldogs, underbite, short tail, and short legs as well. The ears, however, are long & droopy close to the Beagle’s & their muzzles are also long.  A Beabull is truly a loving and very loyal pet and it can be the best family dog too. This type of dog is also the best choice for a lot of novice designer dog owners.


The Beabull pup is a mixture of 2 great canine temperaments. This breed must be of a short & sturdy build, the weight is between 30 to 50lbs. In a lot of instances. On the side of the English Bulldog, you may expect a loyal and very loving family companion, while on the side of the Beagle; you will be getting the best tracking hounds that are known to man. The combination of these 2 breeds must result in a great family pet and a very playful and lively companion. Though this is a well-mixed breed, it is not presently recognized as a purebred by the ACA & AKC.

Beabull is absolutely a family oriented type of dog and it has the tendency to be close to its masters. Though known for their playful and lively traits, they can also be lazy and would love to just hang around and sleep. You have to boost the dog to socialize during his younger years, this is essential to prevent unwanted traits from developing. Beabull thinks independently, so training might be hard at first without proper motivation and authority of the master, you need to be very patient to become successful. The Beabull is also a vocal type of dog and it is capable of doing various kinds of sounds to relay their thoughts and wants. This breed is well tempered and would love to be with other kinds of dogs.


Beabulls first started out in the US and they are famous in the designer dog arena as the best family dogs. People have started breeding the dog over the past 30 years. The breeding of Beabull started out to mix the best traits of both sire and dam breeds. The Beagle’s long face and floppy ears, mixed with the powerful frame of the English Bulldogs and short tail are the distinct features of the dog.


Even if a Beabull is known as a crossbreed, Bulldog & a Beagle, the genetic buildup is not really 50% Bulldog & 50% Beagle. This is due to the fact that a lot of breeders breed multi-generation crosses.


A Beabull is a greedy eater and it will consume any kind of food given to him in just a few seconds. Beabulls have inherited the overbite habit of the Bulldog’s and jaw, so it should be fed using bowls that are quite narrow and wide.  Pups need fresh and clean water all the time, in fact, their total body weight as adults is composed of 70% water. If they will lose 15% of it, they will die. Beabull pup needs some water from his food, but nothing can still replace clean water. Pups can be dehydrated easily, especially during hot weather, so make sure that you always have cold water with you during walks.

Beabull pups need enough amounts of animal proteins like meats from chicken, lamb, eggs, and others to help them grow muscles, organs, and tissues. Veggies can also help for the pup, but they are not as complete as animal-based proteins. Carbs are also important to make them healthy and strong.


A Beabull just like Bulldogs & Beagles are very intelligent and it is trainable. He will respond well to you with rewards, of course, right after every training method. On the other hand, they oftentimes inherit the stubbornness of the Bulldog. Moreover, it is so essential for the owners to keep the training sessions engaging & very stimulating. Beabull must always be taken care of with gentleness, but with a fixed hand.


The regular weight of a hybrid breed like Beabull is rough as the average weight of the sire and the dam. A mature Beabull male can weigh around 30lbs.


Beabulls are just similar the Beagle parents, they are very lovable and loyal to their masters. They would love to accompany their masters all the time. They are very devoted to loving and in protecting their masters all day round, but they are also very affectionate when it comes to kids. Do you know that Beabulls are patient dogs? They can withstand even the most maddening & probing kids. These traits absolutely made them a very good family dog. They are slightly mannered & they absolutely enjoy lounging around just like the Bulldogs.

On the other hand, they can also be hyperactive and this is unpredictable, they love to play games of fetch. They oftentimes play bite and it is essential to correct this type of behavior while they are young, so they will not carry this on when they mature. Just like any other dog breeds, Beabulls are also known as happy dogs when they have mentally motivating tasks and challenging activities to apply to themselves. This is something that you can share with them daily, you can do hide and seek though.

Beabull is a calm and passive type of dog that can be kept inside the house. It prefers to be in the house than to be out at the park. Beabull has the tendency to burst out its energy and it may cause destruction if not given the chance to burn it off, it can also be slightly stubborn & determined if not properly raised with peace and confidence from its master. The breed absolutely loves to play different games with its master. You shouldn’t encourage the aggressive type of game or strong biting, especially while the Beabull is still a pup, this may lead to danger since as it gets older it will become more powerful.


A Beabull is also just like any other designer dog breeds, they are absolutely healthy and they do not suffer from any hereditary issues. Their long ears, on the other hand, can make them very much prone to ear infections & as the owner, you need to take care of it by clearing the ear canals and by taking off some debris like dead hair. Beabulls are oftentimes known for developing different kinds of digestion problems.


The life expectancy of Beabulls is around 10 to 13 years.


Beabulls don’t just require strenuous activities. They just need an hourly walk every day & the occasional game of fetch will be more than enough for this type of dog, these activities will keep him happy. The energy of the Beabull was taken from its Beagle blood. Light exercises like walking and playing will keep the dog minimize its possibility of going through an indoor destructive behavior from being bored indoors. Playing can also help in burning some energy like a tug of war, chasing game and others.

Though Beabull is not a smart breed and even if it is not always listening to its master that makes training very daunting and requires a lot of patience, it can be trained with your hard work. You can also enroll the dog in an obedience class because this dog breed requires strong leadership from the trainer to overcome its obstinate nature and to also boost its delightful side.


Just like other kinds of designer dog breeds, a Beabull has not been acknowledged by the American Kennel Club, instead, it is acknowledged by the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the Dog Registry of America, Inc., The International Designer Canine Registry & the Designer Breed Registry.


Though the crosses that make up the Beabull has the tendency to weed out some genetic issues that are usually seen in English Bulldogs, it is so essential to have a regular checkup with the veterinarian to make sure that there are no issues in terms of breathing like ear and others. The dog might inherit some digestion problems from the English Bulldog and that may be because of too much gas.

A lot of dog owners look for special food bowls to make the dog slows down its eating habits and prevent gas build up too. Dogs with wrinkles must be kept clean all the time to lessen the possibility of developing infections. A lot of owners prefer to bath the dog at least once every month. Even if Beabull is a short-haired breed, it requires frequent brushing to just eradicate dead hair and to also keep the skin very healthy.  You need to bathe the dog if needed only to prevent the skin from drying.


Beabulls can simply adjust to an apartment living and it does not require big spaces or strenuous exercises. They also require daily leash walks and a trip to the park for socialization. Socializing with other dogs is the best to teach them how to become a well-behaved dog. They love to be housed and their house will be their place of comfort.


Close to Beagle & English Bulldog descendants, Beabull pups are usually affectionate, playful and very loyal. On the other hand, there is always something bad in every good thing. If the Beabull pup is having signs of aggression, there are ways to stop it before it becomes worst and risky for the family.

Growling is a sign of aggression. If the Beabull pup is showing signs of growling with the members of the family, you need to stand and be the authority in the house. A lot of dogs may show aggression to show you how dominant they are over you or over other members of the family. The pup must know that he depends on you and on other members of the family for his food, toys, and other activities and not vice versa. In a pack, the leader is not always challenged and you need to have the same respect into the proper place.

Some pups may show signs of aggression thru foods, toys, and treats. If the pup growls over the food, you can place the food in a particular time or make a schedule for eating. When you are fixing his food, let him sit down first or stay in another area where he can jump and be excited. As soon as the food is ready, that is just the time that you can call him for feeding and make him sit down first again while you are still holding the bowl. You need to wait until such time that he is quiet for around 5 seconds and then that is the only time you can put the food down.  This will let him feel and he will be reminded that you are still the leader and you are in full control of his food. He will not show aggression to you if he knows that you are his source of food.

If the Beabull pup shows some signs of aggression like growling, you shouldn’t laugh, do not smile and ignore him, tell him no in a loud and harsh voice, so that the message is loud and will be clearer to him. If you will laugh or if you will ignore him, he will just do the same thing to you over and over again, which is not good. This shouldn’t progress until he becomes mature, because this is not a good attitude.