This big and tall dog is a mix breed dog known as Labrador retriever Husky Mix. As the name indicates, it is a mix between the Husky and the Labrador retriever. Most commonly it is renowned by the name Siberian retriever which is completely different from Labrador Husky, so both mustn’t be taken as same. It is an intelligent dog and is very loyal to its owner.

Siberian retriever Appearance:

Its appearance usually depends on which breed is found more in it. Some of the Siberian retrievers may look more like husky while others may resemble more to Labrador retriever.

Head: Its head is of triangular shape while its ears are erected and pointy.

Eyes: It is common in these dogs to have different colored eyes one could be brown in color and others could be pale blue.

Tail: It is a tall dog with a curled tail like its parent Husky and is commonly black in color with pointed white tip.

Hair Coat: It has medium length hair coat of any of these colors: white and black, or brown with copper.

Weight: Labrador retriever Husky mix is a tall dog and its weight could be between 18-27kg or 40-60lbs.

Siberian retriever temperament
The Siberian retriever is commonly renowned for its loving and friendly nature. This dog is known for the patience it holds. It is likely to be a family pet due to its cheerful behavior and strong bond of relationship with its owners. It is a water-loving dog with a nice nature. This dog’s water-loving nature has been in its genetics as it adopted it from its parent Labrador retriever. Also, a Siberian retriever is known as a dog which likes to be in the water.

Labrador retriever Husky mix has a lot of energy and requires stable love and care from their human owners. On the other hand, its husky family is usually fond of barking but this dog is a quiet and calm dog. It is a great protector and will bark to call others for help when required.

Siberian retriever health problems
Labrador retriever Husky mix could live up to ten to fifteen years when it rightly cares. Usually, the Siberian retriever does not have any major health problems but has the potency to have fleas, so its ears should be checked frequently.

Siberian retriever Living requirements

Labrador retriever Husky mix is relatively a big dog so it requires a big place to live. It is highly recommended to keep this dog in a medium to large walls surrounded backyard. Another thing that should be kept in mind that it is not a rain lover so in the night it is necessary to keep it indoors or in the garage.

Siberian retriever exercise needs
This dog requires a great amount of exercise and should be walked at least two times a day. It loves to run freely so it should be taken to a park or to an open field where it is safe to free it from its restrictions. It is quite intelligent and also a quick learner. The best way of involving it in exercise is by playing Frisbee.

Siberian retriever grooming

Siberian retriever doesn’t need to be groomed much. Just like all the other dogs, it requires proper brushing of its coat once or twice in a week. This dog requires more brushing in the season of spring and summer when its undercoat starts to shed.

Final Verdict

This dog is a suitable dog for families with active family members living in a big house who like to go outdoors on a daily basis for spending quality time. This dog does not like being alone for too much time because it could easily get separation anxiety disorder. It is not recommended to keep it as a pet for old people due to its energetic behavior. If it is not exercised on a daily basis, it becomes highly vigor and can cause mischief.

It is a great hunting dog due to its great skills of tracking and retrieving. In some parts of the world, it is also used by the police department for tracking narcotics just like a pure breed Labrador retriever.



The crossbreed between Poodle and Yorkshire terrier gives cute looking dog which is known as “Yorkipoo”, it is also spelled as “Yorkie-Poo”. Its name suits its personality as it is a cute looking dog with a loving heart. The reason behind its breeding is that it can provide company to those who suffer from allergies because unlike other dogs, it sheds less hair. This dog is perfect for those who are looking for a dog which requires less care or grooming.


Hair Coat: Soft hair coat makes it different from other dogs; its poodle parent is responsible for the curly coat.

Ears: The ears of Yorkipoo can be of either Yorkshire terrier or Poodle, depending upon the genetic percentage.

Coat color: It is available in different colors including silver, white, black, tan, apricot and grey.

Size: Yorkipoo is so cute and small in size and weight, that you can carry it with you anywhere you want easily. Its weight is 1.3-6.3kg (3-14lbs) and adult Yorkipoo height is 17.7-38cm (7-15 inches).

Yorkshire Terrier MixPersonality of Yorkipoo

Personality traits of Yorkipoo are as follows:

  • Socializing with this dog from an early age is important if you want to train it well.
  • Though Yorkipoo is small in size it is one active dog. It also loves to bark and especially when it is happy or enjoying itself. Sometimes it really gets overexcited.
  • Yorkipoo is a human friendly dog. It loves and appreciates all the noticing it gets from its owner.
  • Yorkipoo loves its owner and becomes happy when its owner is around. It loves sitting on its owner lap and examines the things which are going around.
  • Yorkipoo is one loyal and friendly dog and loves to participate in it’s family’s daily activities.
  • This is one curious little fellow and loves to explore the stuff. Keep an eye on it to prevent major incidents, as being small in size it can get easily lost or injured.

Health problems of Yorkipoo

Its crossbreed makes it healthier in nature but still, you must concern with some professional breeders to prevent yourself from buying a sick pet. Yorkipoo is also a small dog breed and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease is common in these breeds. Legg-Calves-Perthes is actually a hip joint abnormality which can be resolved through surgery. Hip dysplasia can also occur in Yorkipoo as it is found in its parent Poodle. The life span of Yorkipoo can be 15 years if cared properly.

PoodleA suitable environment for Yorkipoo

The best thing about this breed is that it can adapt to the environment easily and lives in indoor conditions without trouble. Yorkipoo is a suitable pet dog for those who live in an apartment but still, some workout or exercise is needed for it on a daily basis. As this dog easily gets depressed when it is left alone, try to spend more time with it. Leaving it outdoors on its own is a bad idea, as being smaller in size can cause it some serious harm if left like this. It also needs a moderate temperature to live in.

Exercise for Yorkipoo

Yorkipoo is already low in weight so it does not need too much workout. Daily 20 minutes walk is enough for it. Playing with it daily is also enough to burn extra calories.

Groom your Yorkipoo

Yorkipoo doesn’t need too much grooming but you have to take care of a few things. Its hairs do not shed as much as other dogs but still, you have to brush its hair to provide shine to the coat and to keep the hair free from tangling. It has long hair around its eyes so you have to trim or brush so the hair won’t go in its eyes and cause an infection or irritation.


Yorkipoo is a perfect dog for those who live in an apartment and also for those who suffer from allergies. Families who love to spend their time with their dogs can add Yorkipoo in their lives because Yorkipoo loves all the attention it gets.

German Shepherd and Lab Mix – Sheprador


Two best dog breeds are combined together to make a perfect mix dog known as “Sheprador”. Sheprador is a lab mixer of breed “German shepherd” and “Golden Labrador retriever”. Crossbreeding between these two give Sheprador an appearance of Labrador and color of the German shepherd. Some of the Shephradors have black circles around their eyes.

Being active and filled with energy makes it even more lovely, especially for people who love to have fun by spending some quality time with their dogs. All its personality characters are gifted to it by its breeding parents. They make it an amazing family pet dog.

Personality of Sheprador

When it comes to personality traits, Sheprador has the best qualities of both German shepherd and Labrador. The German shepherd is a good tracker and sniffer which can also be seen in Sheprador. Also, like the German shepherd, Sheprador has:

Love for exercise

The likeness of playing and having fun

Protective instincts for its owner and family

Like Labrador, Sheprador is a big fan of chewing stuff. So to keep household products save from chewing, give your Sheprador a chewing toy to prevent loss of products. The traits of Labrador which Sheprador has are:

Gentle nature

Love for humans

Devoted towards its owner

Sheprador Weight and Height

Comparison between these three breeds can show that Sheprador, German shepherd and Labrador (comparison) are almost identical. Here is the chart to show their height and weight accordingly:

Sheprador Weight and Height Chart
Dog breedsMax. HeightWeight (Male-Female)
German shepherd26 inchesAdult Male: 30-40kg Adult Female: 22-32kg
Labrador retriever28 inches
Adult Male: 29-36kg Adult Female: 25-32kg
27 inches
Adult Male: 20-24kg Adult Female: 15-20kg

Health problems in Sheprador

Major health problem of this dog breed is hip dysplasia and the best way to avoid such a problem is by keeping your dog as healthy and fit as you can. Don’t let its weight cross its ideal weight limit. Take it on a walk and make it exercise on a daily basis. Sheprador usually lives 10-14 years and female Sheprador gives birth to 4-6 puppies at a time.

A suitable environment for Sheprador

Sheprador has energetic nature and it needs a big open place to have fun. If you have a backyard with plenty of space, then Sheprador is perfect pet dog for you. Also, one thing which is important is you have to be as active as Sheprador cause if you left it alone to be bored, it will turn into one mischievous dog and creates disasters you can’t even imagine. So for active families, Sheprador can be a perfect addition. Also, it is an ideal pet for those families who have kids to spend good time with their Sheprador.

Exercise and different activities are necessary

For Sheprador, exercise or other activities are necessary, as this dog is very active and energetic; also it needs some activities now and then which can keep it busy from being mischievous. Two walks in a day are important to keep it active and away from sickness or illness like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Outdoor activities and different toys are needed to keep this smart breed active and engaged mentally and physically.

Groom your Sheprador

It is very necessary to keep your dogs groomed to keep them away from sickness, infections, etc. Here are some points you have to take care of when you have a Sheprador:

Sheprador has transparent nails which can be hard to see while trimming. Try to avoid it by doing it yourself, instead let the professional groomers do it or leave your Sheprador on a hard surface so it may do it on its own.

Sheprador has a thick layer of hairs on their body which should be brushed on a daily basis. Daily brushing gives its hair a wonderful shine.

Shedding blade should be used whenever your dog is shedding its hair. As Sheprador sheds its hair twice in a year, so make sure dead hair gets easily removed; keep your dog in good condition.

Sheprador is known to release some fluid through its eyes at times. To keep its eyes free from infection or irritation, use wet cloth or Kleenex to keep the eyes clean.


In the end, Sheprador is a perfect pet for families who have kids and also it can be a great security guard for you because when it comes to protecting its owner, this dog is all fierce and sharp. Sheprador can be a perfect addition in any family who wants characteristics of German shepherd and Labrador, as this dog is the best combination of both.



Pomchi is not a type of dog breed, more so it is a mixed breed of dog or better known as a designer dog. The cross breeding between a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua resulted in Pomchi dogs. They are small and can lean towards becoming more of a Pomeranian like or more of a Chihuahua like.  Pomchi usually has long hair, but not as long as the Pomeranian and it will shed dramatically, so it should be brushed regularly. This dog size will weigh around 1 to 10lbs and will stand between 6 to 9 inches tall. The pups that are tagged as teacups must not be bought since these are poorly bred dogs and they lack enough nutrition, genes or even both.


The temper of a Pomchi is more of a Pomeranian, which is protective and loyal of its master or it can also be like a Chihuahua that is hard headed and very outgoing. The temper may be controlled by the level of socialization you introduced to the dog during the younger years. A lot of owners of small dogs may fail to become sociable if not properly exposed and trained, thus it will result in a nervous, timid and scary dog. Just like any other dog breeds, Pomchi also has the tendency to have genetic issues with the teeth and legs, especially if the breeders are not good, respectable and they have not taken the sire and dam to show some proof that they are worth breeding animals or they had tested them for genes and health problems. However, mixed breed dogs can have hybrid vigor, due to the mixture of the genes. This designer breed was 1st formed in the US compared with other mixes, this is the newest type.


Pomchi puppies are very charming and attractive, but they will require a lot of your time and energy because you need to train them in becoming sociable with other animals and people within the household. Enrolling them in a kinder class can be helpful too. It may provide them with a foundation for some basic manners along with the form of socializing with new people and animals too. The pups may either be housebroken or they can also be trained to use the litter box, regardless of the method you choose, you still need to be very careful in watching for signs for the pup to relieve himself/herself. With close training and patience, this pup may be easily potty trained.


Pomchi is a very smart and lively dog that is very much interested to learn and please its master. This dog is very loyal to its family. Pomchi is easy to get along with and it is friendly with kids and other animals too, especially when trained to become sociable at a young age. Though the dog might easy to get along with well with kids if they are lovable, probable owners must not tolerate mistreatment of this dog, because of the tendency to bite when mistreated or during a rough play. It is a very good idea to watch kids while playing with dogs, especially with Pomchi, since this dog is small enough to be easily hurt during a rough play.

They are not as hard headed as a purebred Chihuahua. Pomchi is also an active type of dog and it must go through a daily exercise routine to keep it healthy and happy throughout its life. The training will go along well because it is a very intelligent type of dog.  It is well known for its confidence and loyalty to its family. It will bark to keep the master and the family alert in the presence of a stranger and it is also a good watchdog. It might be tenacious even if it has the ability to please its owners all the time.


Pomchi is not famous for its serious health conditions. It is a great idea for possible owners to go through an investigation first before bringing home one. It will be best to find out if the sire and the dam’s conditions are good and if they do not have any health problems. You need to make sure that the Pomchi is in good health condition, before taking it home. The average lifespan of a Pomchi is around 12-18 years old with proper diet and regular checkups.


Pomchi will require you to brush a lot of times a week because this is important to make sure that the hair of the dog will not be matted. Owners must be cautious about the dog’s skin; it is very fragile and must only be shampooed if important. You also need to use a very mild shampoo to prevent skin problems. This dog needs good dental hygiene to prevent dental issues later on. The teeth must be brushed once weekly, but you can brush often if you want to. They also have active tear ducts; you need to clean the eye area all the time. If you will enable the tear discharge to build up that can be hurtful for the dog.


Pomchi is designed to live indoors with its master and get a lot of love and care. This dog will not do well outdoor nor can’t it survive to live alone over long periods of time. You need to train the dog if you do not want it to bark all the time. Though this dog can do short walks, it will appreciate playing, since it is playful by nature and it is also its best exercise that makes it suited for an apartment living. Possible owners must be cautious with the Pomchi since they cannot deal with very cold weather. If the dog will stay outdoors for a long period of time during winter, there should be a sweater or coat to prevent it from chilling and developing health-related problems.


During the socialization process, the dog will learn how to mingle with other animals and people as well.  You need to do your best to make the dog follow you and be as obedient as possible. With this, you can ask help to veteran trainers or you can also enroll the dog to a school. There are classes that can help a puppy become sociable. It is essential for the dog to learn how to mingle with other dogs and be able to accept what seems to be acceptable and what might not be acceptable. Those with small dogs like Pomchi usually panic whenever the dog is surrounded by big dog breeds. With your supervision, the dog will be able to adjust well with other dogs and it will be safe with them around. On the other hand, there are some who fail from helping their dog deal with the big dogs, even if they are around and this may cause risk to the Pomchi later on.


Since Pomchi is a hybrid, it’s not acknowledged by prime dog registries like the AKC & Canadian Kennel Club. It is only acknowledged by register office that agrees to take hybridized, crossbreed & designer dogs like the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, International Designer Canine Registry, Designer Breed Registry & the Pomchi Club of America. Pomchi is also known as Chiranian, Pomahuahua, and Chipom.


Pomchi usually have a small coat or it may also have a longer one, it’s a hybridize type of dog & may take the features of whichever sire or dam or even both. The coats might be solo or dual depending on the sire and dam. The colors may also be in solid underneath the sun.  The grooming may depend on the coats. Pomchi is also known for having sensitive skin and you should brush them at least two times weekly with just a soft brush. You should bathe the dog nor just if the canine becomes muddy and stinking, otherwise, don’t bathe them regularly if not needed.


Feeding your dog with nutritious foods is so essential. Pomeranian may tend to become overweight if not taken care of in terms of diet, so the Pomchi may also have the tendency of becoming overweight if not taken care of. Be watchful with what they eat, because overweight dogs may have a serious health problem just like humans. Pomeranians are prone to diabetes, joint, and ligament issue if the diet is not controlled accordingly. But Poms do burn calories faster than other dog breeds, especially while they are still pups, but as they grow, they need a modified diet and more exercise too. Taking care of the Pomchi is so important to make them happy, healthy and to prolong their life as well.


You can collect your dog when it is around 12 weeks old. Pomchi must be weaned at 10 weeks, later than the average 8 weeks and they must be given their very first set of injections then too. If this will not occur, you have to set an appointment with a vet for the injections a.s.a.p. The dog must be healthy to make it very happy and to also prolong its lifespan.

When feeding the dog, make sure that the food is the same as it was weaned onto. The breeder or the dog seller will provide you with one until such time you have found it for your own. The pups must be fed once a day and make sure that the bowl of fresh water is readily available all the time. You shouldn’t give the pup bones, because this may split and may cause serious injury to the pup.

You have to buy a crate for the pup, Pomchi is just a small dog and he doesn’t need a big crate. You just have to buy a crate that is just sufficient for the dog size. Pomchi only prefers small, but comfortable spaces at home; you can line the crate with a soft blanket to keep the pup warm and comfortable at the same time.

You can introduce the Pomchi to the crate slowly to allow him to explore and encourage it to stay inside. As soon as the pup seems happy with the crate, you can close the door, but make sure that you are there and visible to the pup, so it will not suffer from separation anxiety at a young age. You can let the Pomchi out once in a while and pamper him with lots of attention and treat him accordingly.

You can teach the pup little by little, like closing the door of the crate, when he is ready; you can turn off the lights and then, later on, close the door of the crate, turn off the light and leave the room for a few seconds while watching over him in a far place of the house. When you come back to do that with a reward and then repeat this process over and over again until such time that he is very much ready and have adjusted and relaxed to stay in the crate without you even if the lights are off.

Later on, you will reap all your hard work with the pup as he learns how to become independent and how to follow your house rules. It will be good for him too, as he lives with you and your entire household. When the pup is ready for the leash, don’t hesitate to teach him that too, it will be great for him and for you as well, since learning a lot of things can make this dog better and well suited for you. You can walk in the park while the dog is on a leash without having a hard time. You can also teach the dog how to poop and wee in a particular place only and not all over the house.

Schweenie: Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix

This adorable mix dog is renowned as “Schweenie”. It is a mixer of the dog breed “Dachshund” and “Shih Tzu”. Those people who live in an apartment can enjoy its company as it is a perfect indoor dog. Its smaller size makes it easy to care. Schweenie has taken a height of its parent “Shih Tzu” and length of its parent “Dachshund”. This cute small dog has a charming face with big floppy ears. The beautiful rusty color of its hair coat makes it even more attractive. It has broad muscular shoulders, though it is smaller in size but has a strong body.

Personality of Schweenie 

Following traits are present in this cute little dog:

  • Being absolutely loyal to its owner/family make it a good family dog.
  • Training is not a hard thing; its loyal and friendly nature makes this process very easy.
  • Schweenie is one intelligent dog and knows how to get their owner’s attention.
  • Socializing with it from a young age is very important, other than that it will not bother to care about you because this is one moody dog.
  • Schweenie quickly adapts things from its surroundings.
  • They are so fond of their owner and if left alone for too long or get separated they become a victim of separation anxiety.

Height and weight of Schweenie

This cute little dog is very light in weight, the total weight of adult Schweenie is 4-9 kg which makes about 9-20lbs. The total height of Schweenie is 27-50 cm or 11-20 inches.

Exercise for Schweenie

Schweenie is small in size but still, the workout is necessary. 20 minutes of walk is enough for this little fellow on a daily basis. Even when it is raining outside you can play fetch in a house with it and it will be enough for Schweenie.

Health problems for Schweenie

Luckily this dog is free from hip related problems just like its parents. The only problem it faces is of ticks and fleas due to its long hair coat. Giving it proper flea free treatment can solve this problem. Lack of health problems and a great amount of love and care can increase its life limit to 10-14 years.

Groom your Schweenie

Schweenie does not need too much work, all you have to do is brush its hairs 2-3 time in a week to provide shine without tangles.

A suitable environment for Schweenie

Having Schweenie is amazing because if you travel or move a lot it can easily get used to it very quickly however it can’t adapt well if the owner gets change. Schweenie becomes too much fond of its owner that separation can depress it a lot with great anxiety.

Before buying Schweenie, one must absolutely think or concentrate on this point. It is a perfect dog for those who live in an apartment. Try to keep it in as Schweenie is not an outdoor dog. Give Schweenie its personal bed to sleep on which should be placed in a warm and cozy area of the house.


Schweenie is one perfect breed for those families who have kids in it. It enjoys the company of its owner and prefers the attention more than anything. It loves its owner; like hugs and even prefers to be in the same room as its owner. Schweenie is completely human-friendly dog and kids love it because of its calm personality. Socializing with it from a young age is necessary to keep its friendly nature alive.


Beabull is a breed of a designer dog made by mix breeding of an English bulldog with a beagle. The result is a Beabull that is a very lovable and lively dog with a very tough and independent splash. Close to other designer dogs, the looks of a Beabull may vary depending on its genetic contribution. On the other hand, a lot of Beabulls have inherited the wrinkles of the Bulldogs, underbite, short tail, and short legs as well. The ears, however, are long & droopy close to the Beagle’s & their muzzles are also long.  A Beabull is truly a loving and very loyal pet and it can be the best family dog too. This type of dog is also the best choice for a lot of novice designer dog owners.


The Beabull pup is a mixture of 2 great canine temperaments. This breed must be of a short & sturdy build, the weight is between 30 to 50lbs. In a lot of instances. On the side of the English Bulldog, you may expect a loyal and very loving family companion, while on the side of the Beagle; you will be getting the best tracking hounds that are known to man. The combination of these 2 breeds must result in a great family pet and a very playful and lively companion. Though this is a well-mixed breed, it is not presently recognized as a purebred by the ACA & AKC.

Beabull is absolutely a family oriented type of dog and it has the tendency to be close to its masters. Though known for their playful and lively traits, they can also be lazy and would love to just hang around and sleep. You have to boost the dog to socialize during his younger years, this is essential to prevent unwanted traits from developing. Beabull thinks independently, so training might be hard at first without proper motivation and authority of the master, you need to be very patient to become successful. The Beabull is also a vocal type of dog and it is capable of doing various kinds of sounds to relay their thoughts and wants. This breed is well tempered and would love to be with other kinds of dogs.


Beabulls first started out in the US and they are famous in the designer dog arena as the best family dogs. People have started breeding the dog over the past 30 years. The breeding of Beabull started out to mix the best traits of both sire and dam breeds. The Beagle’s long face and floppy ears, mixed with the powerful frame of the English Bulldogs and short tail are the distinct features of the dog.


Even if a Beabull is known as a crossbreed, Bulldog & a Beagle, the genetic buildup is not really 50% Bulldog & 50% Beagle. This is due to the fact that a lot of breeders breed multi-generation crosses.


A Beabull is a greedy eater and it will consume any kind of food given to him in just a few seconds. Beabulls have inherited the overbite habit of the Bulldog’s and jaw, so it should be fed using bowls that are quite narrow and wide.  Pups need fresh and clean water all the time, in fact, their total body weight as adults is composed of 70% water. If they will lose 15% of it, they will die. Beabull pup needs some water from his food, but nothing can still replace clean water. Pups can be dehydrated easily, especially during hot weather, so make sure that you always have cold water with you during walks.

Beabull pups need enough amounts of animal proteins like meats from chicken, lamb, eggs, and others to help them grow muscles, organs, and tissues. Veggies can also help for the pup, but they are not as complete as animal-based proteins. Carbs are also important to make them healthy and strong.


A Beabull just like Bulldogs & Beagles are very intelligent and it is trainable. He will respond well to you with rewards, of course, right after every training method. On the other hand, they oftentimes inherit the stubbornness of the Bulldog. Moreover, it is so essential for the owners to keep the training sessions engaging & very stimulating. Beabull must always be taken care of with gentleness, but with a fixed hand.


The regular weight of a hybrid breed like Beabull is rough as the average weight of the sire and the dam. A mature Beabull male can weigh around 30lbs.


Beabulls are just similar the Beagle parents, they are very lovable and loyal to their masters. They would love to accompany their masters all the time. They are very devoted to loving and in protecting their masters all day round, but they are also very affectionate when it comes to kids. Do you know that Beabulls are patient dogs? They can withstand even the most maddening & probing kids. These traits absolutely made them a very good family dog. They are slightly mannered & they absolutely enjoy lounging around just like the Bulldogs.

On the other hand, they can also be hyperactive and this is unpredictable, they love to play games of fetch. They oftentimes play bite and it is essential to correct this type of behavior while they are young, so they will not carry this on when they mature. Just like any other dog breeds, Beabulls are also known as happy dogs when they have mentally motivating tasks and challenging activities to apply to themselves. This is something that you can share with them daily, you can do hide and seek though.

Beabull is a calm and passive type of dog that can be kept inside the house. It prefers to be in the house than to be out at the park. Beabull has the tendency to burst out its energy and it may cause destruction if not given the chance to burn it off, it can also be slightly stubborn & determined if not properly raised with peace and confidence from its master. The breed absolutely loves to play different games with its master. You shouldn’t encourage the aggressive type of game or strong biting, especially while the Beabull is still a pup, this may lead to danger since as it gets older it will become more powerful.


A Beabull is also just like any other designer dog breeds, they are absolutely healthy and they do not suffer from any hereditary issues. Their long ears, on the other hand, can make them very much prone to ear infections & as the owner, you need to take care of it by clearing the ear canals and by taking off some debris like dead hair. Beabulls are oftentimes known for developing different kinds of digestion problems.


The life expectancy of Beabulls is around 10 to 13 years.


Beabulls don’t just require strenuous activities. They just need an hourly walk every day & the occasional game of fetch will be more than enough for this type of dog, these activities will keep him happy. The energy of the Beabull was taken from its Beagle blood. Light exercises like walking and playing will keep the dog minimize its possibility of going through an indoor destructive behavior from being bored indoors. Playing can also help in burning some energy like a tug of war, chasing game and others.

Though Beabull is not a smart breed and even if it is not always listening to its master that makes training very daunting and requires a lot of patience, it can be trained with your hard work. You can also enroll the dog in an obedience class because this dog breed requires strong leadership from the trainer to overcome its obstinate nature and to also boost its delightful side.


Just like other kinds of designer dog breeds, a Beabull has not been acknowledged by the American Kennel Club, instead, it is acknowledged by the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the Dog Registry of America, Inc., The International Designer Canine Registry & the Designer Breed Registry.


Though the crosses that make up the Beabull has the tendency to weed out some genetic issues that are usually seen in English Bulldogs, it is so essential to have a regular checkup with the veterinarian to make sure that there are no issues in terms of breathing like ear and others. The dog might inherit some digestion problems from the English Bulldog and that may be because of too much gas.

A lot of dog owners look for special food bowls to make the dog slows down its eating habits and prevent gas build up too. Dogs with wrinkles must be kept clean all the time to lessen the possibility of developing infections. A lot of owners prefer to bath the dog at least once every month. Even if Beabull is a short-haired breed, it requires frequent brushing to just eradicate dead hair and to also keep the skin very healthy.  You need to bathe the dog if needed only to prevent the skin from drying.


Beabulls can simply adjust to an apartment living and it does not require big spaces or strenuous exercises. They also require daily leash walks and a trip to the park for socialization. Socializing with other dogs is the best to teach them how to become a well-behaved dog. They love to be housed and their house will be their place of comfort.


Close to Beagle & English Bulldog descendants, Beabull pups are usually affectionate, playful and very loyal. On the other hand, there is always something bad in every good thing. If the Beabull pup is having signs of aggression, there are ways to stop it before it becomes worst and risky for the family.

Growling is a sign of aggression. If the Beabull pup is showing signs of growling with the members of the family, you need to stand and be the authority in the house. A lot of dogs may show aggression to show you how dominant they are over you or over other members of the family. The pup must know that he depends on you and on other members of the family for his food, toys, and other activities and not vice versa. In a pack, the leader is not always challenged and you need to have the same respect into the proper place.

Some pups may show signs of aggression thru foods, toys, and treats. If the pup growls over the food, you can place the food in a particular time or make a schedule for eating. When you are fixing his food, let him sit down first or stay in another area where he can jump and be excited. As soon as the food is ready, that is just the time that you can call him for feeding and make him sit down first again while you are still holding the bowl. You need to wait until such time that he is quiet for around 5 seconds and then that is the only time you can put the food down.  This will let him feel and he will be reminded that you are still the leader and you are in full control of his food. He will not show aggression to you if he knows that you are his source of food.

If the Beabull pup shows some signs of aggression like growling, you shouldn’t laugh, do not smile and ignore him, tell him no in a loud and harsh voice, so that the message is loud and will be clearer to him. If you will laugh or if you will ignore him, he will just do the same thing to you over and over again, which is not good. This shouldn’t progress until he becomes mature, because this is not a good attitude.