General Information

Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix is a mixture of breeds between a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian which was first formed in the United States of America. As compared with other mixes, it is a new kind.

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Nicknames

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix is a designer breed and is renowned with many nicknames like Pomchi, Pomahuahua, Chiranian, and Chi-Pom.

General Features:

  • Weight and Height: Its weight could be anywhere between 5 to 7lbs and height could be anywhere between five 5 to 9 inches.
  • Lifespan: When cared properly, it could live up to 12 to 18 years.
  • Coat color: Its coat could be of long or short length and could have single to double coats. Its coat could be black, blue merle, sable, and brown.
  • The face features: Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix is known for its pointy and short muzzle. It is a small pampered dog which has the most charming facial expressions.

Pomeranian-Chihuahua MixGeneral Characteristics:

Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix is a dog which could live easily in humans. It is an intelligent dog with a great sense of ‘how to get love from its owner’. It uses its intelligence to get socialized.

Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix is a playful dog so it should be kept under supervision like any other dog. It likes to hang out with children of older age. It loves doing difficult tricks and gets very happy when in the presence of people. It is the dog that likes to be in the spotlight always.

Pomeranian-Chihuahua is a dog of two different breeds, so it has calm, lovely disciplined and compact nature. Also, a thing to be kept in mind is that in order to have a great relationship with this dog it is necessary to keep penalizing uniformity. It is a dog which is vulnerable to feelings of its owner. It absorbs emotions that may harm it when the emotions are negative.


Pomeranian-Chihuahua is presently known by the

  • ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • DBR (Designer Breed Registry)
  • ICDR (International Canine Designer Registry)
  • DDKC (Designers Dogs Kennel Club)

This table outlines the general information about each breed:

Comparisons Pomeranian Chihuahua
Origin Northern Poland & Eastern Germany Named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico
A descendant of the German Spitz The possible descendant of Techichi—Toltec civilization
Star Quality Apartment Size Aware of surroundings
Description Toy Breed Toy Breed
Top 20 Breed in the U.S. Short or Long Coat
Compact /sturdy May have apple or deer” shaped head
Double fur coat, The only breed of dog to have “polleras” (soft spots) on heads
Topcoat long /straight /wiry due to the incomplete skull for fitting through the birth canal.
Undercoat soft /thick /short
Plumed Tail
Average Weight 3-7 lbs. 4-10 lbs.
Height 7-12 in. 6-10 in.
Life Span 12-16 years 15-20 years
Coloring White /brown /black A large variety of color
multi-color and varieties splashes, marks, solids:
white, black, tan, brown, chocolate, cream, fawn, red
Personality Strengths Friendly /playful /entertaining Loyal
Bonding /protective /intelligent Assertive /aware of surroundings Ultra-aware of their surroundings
Personality Weaknesses Craves center of attention Temperament of owner
Prone to barking affects them
Stubborn /temperamental Can be overprotective
Unreliable with small children Less tolerant of cold
Aggressive /dominant Not good with small children
Needs a calm environment
Do not always get along with other breeds of dogs
Prone to neurological disorders
Health Few Negative Health Predispositions Epilepsy /seizures
Trembles /shivers
When stressed /excited /cold


Teacup Yorkie Poo is a jolly designer dog that can bring a smile to any sad person’s face.  Yorkie Poo is a crossbreed of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy Poodle. What makes Yorkie Poo a charming buddy to the humans is their brilliant intelligence, affection and friendliness. They are energetic and love to play around with you if not dozing in your lap. They are very adaptable and can smoothly go with the apartment life, if you can ignore the bark. They love to play with children. No matter how much trained your black Yorkie Poo is, don’t leave him unsupervised with your kids. Also, warn your kids not to disturb your dog while eating or sleeping.

Now, let us discover more about the cute little canine buddies;


The initiation was done in the United States by crossbreeding the Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Poodle. Thus, we got the cute Yorkie Poo puppies. However, now many breeders crossbreed the Yorkshire Terrier with both miniature Poodles and Toy Poodles creating Yorkie Poos varying widely in size and weight. You could locate the characteristics of the Yorkshire Terriers as well as the Toy/Miniature Poodles in them.


Yorkshire Terrier & Toy Poodle mix

Yorkshire Terrier & Toy Poodle mix

Teacup Yorkie Poo dogs generally weigh between 3 to 14 pounds. The size, however, differs from one individual to another. The matured Yorkie Poo dogs reflect the purse-sized purebred Poodles. It could stand anywhere between 7 inches to 15 inches in height. They have a general lifespan of 10 to 15 years. However, the data related to this is nominal.


Yorkie Poo diet needs to be of high-quality dry kibble. Better the quality of the food means more nourished dog and fewer leftovers. They are pretty picky when it comes to their food. Little bit of canned provision could be mixed with kibble to lure their appetite. Dry food is important since without it they have a great possibility of developing gum infections, bad breathing even a tooth loss.

How much an adult dog should be eating completely depends on his age, size, build, metabolism and motion intensity. Like humans, even dogs are individuals and not all of them feed on same amount of food. Undoubtedly, an extremely active playful dog would need more food than a lapdog. Suggested daily diet amount of the Yorkie Poos varies from ¼ cup to 1 cup over two meals.

Proper measurement is important so that they are neither overweight nor underweight. To ensure that you can run the eye-test and the hands-on test. Firstly, take a good look at your dog. His waist should be visible to you. If you put your hand on his back, without pressing hard you could feel his ribs, but cannot see. If you can’t sense then, he surely requires less food and more work out.


What worth mentioning is their fun-loving, friendly behavior. They are bubbly and connect to their family fast. These adorable dogs passionately chip in family activities. It is the loving, faithful, affectionate teacup Yorkie Poo dogs who turn out to be great watchdogs as well as true companion dogs. Their confidence is a gift from their terrier inheritance. However, Yorkie Poo is easygoing and less challenging as compared to the other miniature breeds. They are sharp and easy-to-train. With regular training, they can be just right companion. They love to discover things by themselves parked in their owner’s lap.

Heredity, socialization, training are some of the factors that influence the temperament of the Yorkie Poo puppies. The normal puppies with pleasant temperament are curious, playful, enthusiastically approach people. Those who try to hide or beating up their mates are with dire or gloomy temper.

Meet the mother, siblings or other relatives of the Yorkie Poo puppies to ensure that they have nice nature that you can be comfortable with. It gives you an idea of how the puppies would be when they mature.

Yorkie Poos should start socializing in their adolescence – experiences with diverse people, sight and sound would help them grow up into an attractive smart dog. To start off you can enroll them in some puppy training classes, or take them on walk to the park or in neighbor. Even you can invite guests over to your place. New surroundings, new people all would contribute to buff up their communal skills.

They are lively and greet strangers just like meeting old long-lost pals.  They love it when they get your attention. They are not going to tolerate if they are caged or left alone for a long time. They may bark relentlessly or hollow out the cushions.


The newly developed Yorkie Poo puppies are very prone to various health troubles that influence both parent breeds too. That includes Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hypoglycemia, Dry Eye, Cataract, Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Retinal Detachment, Hypothyroidism, Patellar Luxation, Atopic Dermititis, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease and more. Not that all of them would suffer from health conditions, but you should be aware of it if you think of having one in your family.

When you are considering one among the teacup Yorkie puppies for sale, make sure that both parents have health clearances. It proves that the pup is examined and out of the fear of a specific disorder. Like for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and hypothyroidism you Orthopedic Foundation for Animals give clearances, CERF or Canine Eye Registry Foundation and Auburn University of Thromopathia certify their eyesight.


All the Yorkie Poo puppies have widely varying coats. It should be opulently silky and very soft, but at the same time it could be straight, curly or wavy. To ensure that the long coat is not matted or tangled, you need to brush it quite a few times in a week. Brush the hair away from the eyes or trim the hair near the eyes so that it doesn’t irritate them. And, don’t forget the monthly bath with conditioner to maintain gorgeous fur and healthy skin.

Mostly you have seen black Yorkie Poo puppies. Right? But, they could be of many colors like cream, grey, silver, chocolate, sable apricot, red, white. Even they can parade a mix of duo or trio of colors like black and white, or red, apricot and white, or tan and black.

Multigenerational Yorkie Poo puppies are supposed to be odorless and non-shedding. However, every dog shed some hair around the year. But, as an inherited trait they create slight dander.

When it comes to grooming, there are certain measures that you should be doing regularly. Here, they are mentioned below;

  • Enhance the beauty of teacup Yorkie Poo, by trimming the coat regularly. There is not specific length that you should be maintaining. Stick to your preference.
  • There is no fixed schedule of bathing, but you can do that whenever you think it’s necessary. It keeps the fur soft, silky and clean.
  • Basically the toy breed is tarnished for dental tribulations, as it is pretty difficult to look after all the teeth within the tiny orifice. Brush two to three times in a week to remove the built-in tartar and skulking bacteria. It prevents gum disorders and bad breathing.
  • Sprucing your dogs nail twice a month is a nice way to prevent them from various painful troubles. Their audible nails’ snapping the floor; is a clear indication that the nails are too long. They got blood vessels there, so be careful while you are cutting them. Otherwise, they would just hide the next time you take out the nail clipper. If you aren’t veteran doing this, seek a groomer or a vet’s help.
  • Check their ears twice a week for any infection. While doing so clean them with cotton damped in pH balanced ear cleaning solution. But, don’t get in to ear canal; stay on the outside.
  • Teacup Yorkie Poo dogs need to be familiarized to frequent brushing, and medical checkups while they are puppies. Once they are entertained with compliments and rewards after a grooming, they would take it as cheering incident and would welcome other examinations when grown-up.


Teacup Yorkie Poo dogs are excessively undersized to live in the world outside. They are more than happy to reside in the warmth of a house or an apartment. Living indoors they are emotionally and physically healthy, comfortable and happy. They need to exercise daily. Prancing around in your lawn or daily brisk walk would be enough to keep these energy packets hale and hearty.

Yorkie Poo dogs love to be around people not in the kennel. However, crate training is important so that they can acknowledge imprisonment is case they need to get hospitalized or board a flight. In fact, it helps them to not to run down over anything and meet an accident. But, putting them into a crate for the whole day is a BAD idea. Their place is amongst people not in some enclosure.


The teacup Yorkie Poo dogs are enthusiastic and easy-to-train. They easily learn the basic tricks crawl, fetch, dance, and play dead. If you could train them, they do wonderful in dog sports too. But, to train them you should always take the upbeat techniques not the hard line. Small tidbits and admiration works better and faster than rebukes or vicious moves. Their energy and wish for amusing would keep you and your family pleased and laughing all the time.


yorkie poo for sale

yorkie poo for sale

Searching for teacup Yorkie puppies for sale? Well, you can easily find hundreds even thousand of puppies for sale. But, you need to be very careful while you pay for one. There are various reckless breeders, pet stores, puppy mills out there. Go for licensed one who have tested the parent dogs and got medical clearances to show you. Otherwise, you would end up with long veterinary expenses after bringing an adorable black Yorkie Poo home (with passed on genetic disorder).


It is pretty easy to begin with your search for puppies for sale; simply over the World Wide Web or the Yorkshire Terrier Magazine.  However, it is just the beginning. You try to contact below mentioned place or events to discover some great puppies for sale.

  1. Rescue Groups – You may think it is not a good idea to get a puppy from a rescue group. Contrary, it is the best idea. It is their protocol to keep the puppies healthy. They even check their temperament before they offer them for sale.  So, you would get only healthy, playful and cheerful Yorkie Poo Puppies whom you just need to train.
  2. Local Kennel Clubs or Canine Clubs – Finding a reliable breeder who offers puppies for sale is little tricky. But, you can definitely seek help from your locale kennel or canine clubs. They have all the data and can easily recommend you some.
  3. Dog Show – The Yorkshire Terrier breeders often flaunt their dogs in such events.  They often have teacup Yorkie puppies for sale. The best thing about getting a teacup Yorkie Poo from them is that the puppy will not only be healthy, but will possess great qualities. After all, they know how to care for their dogs.



Finding the perfect Yorkie pup doesn’t mean the journey came to an end. You need to take care of certain few things like;

  • Paperwork – You make sure to get all the documents ready including the registration. Some breeders provide you with all the necessary paperwork.
  • Background Check – Locating a cute black Yorkie Poo is just the first thing. You need to check the history of pup including the medications, vaccines. Ask the breeder or the seller about the vitamins, medications, vaccinations taken so far and to be taken in the future. You can also inquire what kind of food the puppy eats.

Since you have to take care of your black Yorkie Poo for long, you got to be certain that you chose the right pup. For this you need to do research about the dog and the breeder both. If you are confident that you can do it, then find yourself a perfect Yorkie puppy for sale.

Yorkie Poo puppies are gentle and loving who makes the entire lively with his funny frolics. Teacup Yorkie Poo puppies are lively and perfect comedian in disguise. If you are in old age and have a Yorkie Poo then you definitely need no other best friend.


General Information:

This cute little dog is a mixed breed of the Poodle and the Maltese. Commonly these dogs are known as Maltipoo or the Malt-a-Poo. It is in their genetics to have a puppy-like appearance until their late years of life. They have different hair coats that can either be curly or shaggy. Their coat color has variety: black, white, brown, cream, tan, and other than these colors they can also have erratic grey markings

There can be great diversity in the appearance of sisters and brothers of the same types of parents as appearance is mostly dependant on the traits that are inherited by a puppy from its parents.

Size of Maltipoo

Maltipoo height can be 14 inches and its weight can be around 2.2-6.8 kg or 5-15 lbs. usually, the puppy height and weight depend upon the size of the parents.

Personality of Maltipoo

A well-bred Maltipoo puppy has a friendly personality and it loves to be in the presence of people. As Poodle and Maltese both have a friendly nature so   Maltipoo has adapted this good parents’ habit and develops a kind and friendly character. A Maltipoo loves to be outdoors as much as possible and it also likes to play a lot; it is included in their nature. If this dog does not get enough to play then it can cause trouble at house.

Training of Maltipoo

A Maltipoo should be trained from the very day it is bought home so it can get socialize; it learns things quickly so no hard working is required on training.

The health issue of Maltipoo

If a Maltipoo is cared properly and does not have any health problems from their parents then they can live up to an average of twelve to fifteen years. Usually, no health issues are found in these dogs but it is recommended for the potential owners to ask the reputable breeder if the parents had any genetic diseases. Parents’ genetics matter a lot in the puppy’s health.

Best Suitable environment for Maltipoo

A Maltipoo is not for the countries with extremely hot weather because it becomes lazy in intense heat and likes to remain indoors in air-conditioned or cool rooms. A Maltipoo requires a change of environment because it could get easily bored with the same place. It is good to keep Maltipoo inside an apartment as long as it gets a daily outdoor walk to get its mood cheered up.

Exercise for Maltipoo

Its requirement of exercising is quite low as it has a playful nature and usually, it tires itself up by playing around on its own. However, a daily walk for a short time period is considered good.

Grooming of Maltipoo

Usually, the grooming of a Maltipoo depends upon the coat it has. Commonly, a Maltipoo requires daily brushing, but if it has a curly coat like its parent poodle then it should be kept tidy by visiting a professional groomer after every 6 weeks. It is really important to keep good care of the coat because if it is not groomed daily, a dog may get an infection as it possesses very sensitive skin.

Just like their parent Poodle, a Maltipoo’s ears are also very sensitive. They require to be kept clean and dry. A great idea is to have their ears checked up at the vet every time you take it there.

Perfect Family for the Maltese and Poodle Mix

A Maltipoo does not require a great amount of exercise a little bit of walk can do the job. It perfectly suits a family with few activities. It is a great pet for families having small children as this dog has a good playful nature.

Mixed Breed

Pitweiler: Pitbull and Rottweiler Mix

Pitweiler Appearance

  • Appearance: Pitweiler appears like it is an arrogant and bold dog. It could have the appearance of the both sides of its family. It may look like it has the Rottweiler family present in it or in appearance it could also be like a tall Pit bull.
  • Size: The weight of an elder Pitweiler could be anywhere between 45-100 pounds or it could also be greater than that.
  • Companionship: Pitweiler is a dog of lovely and faithful nature. It senses owner’s mood greatly and shows sensitivity.
  • Ears: Pitweiler’s ears can be left to grow naturally or they can be cropped.
  • Teeth: Pitweiler has scissor like sharp teeth.
  • Body: Pitweiler’s structure could be like a Presa Canario Mastiff but in actions like pit bull it is swift and fast.
  • Hindquarters: Pitweiler is a dog which has brawny and sturdy back legs.
  • Feet: Pitweiler’s feet are large in size and their paws have hard protection and nails.
  • Tail: Pitweiler has a tail which is arched and long.
  • Color: Pitweiler could have a coat of very different colors.
  • Coat: Pitweiler’s coat of hair could be both: small and smooth like its parent Pit Bull or greater in mass like its parent Rottweiler.
  • Shedding: The coat of the Pitweiler does not shed much but in spring season it shows shedding.
  • Grooming: Pitweiler is a dog which is uncomplicated to look after.


PitweilerPitweiler Personality:

Highly emotional and extremely loving are the two most top features in the personality of any Pitweiler. These two qualities make it very loyal and noble, and it also goofs sometimes.
Pitweiler Nature:

The Pitweiler is a dog with great temperament, if it is trained to live among humans when it is in an early age. It is a dog having great intelligence. Also it is a fearless, faithful, tough and arousing dog. It’s every characteristics show that this dog will not back down from giving the life for its owner. It will always return the deeds that it has been given. It is a dog with lots of energy.
Family Dog:

If cared and mingled properly from its early age then Pitweiler would be an excellent family pet. It is a dog which is very good with kids, but just like any other dog, it is recommended to be kept under supervision when it is around babies or small children. The female gender of this dog may found it irritating to live with any other female dog whether it is of this breed or of another breed.

Pitweiler is found to have a social nature and can easily trust strangers but it will always stay cautious around those people who ever did an objectionable thing to it and it always keeps the unpleasant treatment in its memory.


Pitbull and Rottweiler Mix

Pitbull and Rottweiler Mix

Pitweiler Training:

If Pitweiler is not trained properly when it was a puppy then it is very hard to train it when it grows up. They have a special ability to learn things quickly and are very smart. They have the qualities of high speed, loyalty and defending and tracking power.


The Pitweiler barks moderately but its louder barks could be really profound and shrilling. It only growls when it sees any danger in order to make others cautious.


Pitweiler is dog which has a great amount of energy and it requires lots of workout on daily basis.
Physical Ability:
Pitweiler is dog full of power and is very swift. It is used as a service or rescue dog and is found to be a great searcher. Due to its great strength, it is able to drag and bear extensive mass.

Pitweiler Health:

Life Expectancy: Averagely Pitweiler could live up to a life of 10-15 years.
Allergies: Pitweiler is found to be sensitive to chicken.
Health: Pitweiler has the potency to develop hip dysplasia just like its parent Rottweiler.
Skin Health: Drying of skin is commonly found in Pitweiler as skin disease.
Ear Health: After cropping the ears of Pitweiler it is necessary to take good care of hygiene of its ears. It is also recommended that ears should be cleaned after minimum day’s gap. While giving it bath, another thing to be kept in mind is that cotton should be placed in its ears to keep the water from getting in its ear canal, because it can be really harmful for the dog and can cause infection.



The cross breed between Poodle and Yorkshire terrier gives cute looking dog which is known as “Yorkipoo”, it is also spelled as “Yorkie-Poo”. Its name suits its personality as it is a cute looking dog with loving heart. The reason behind its breeding is that it can provide company to those who suffer from allergies because unlike other dogs, it sheds less hair. This dog is perfect for those who are looking for a dog which requires less care or grooming.


Hair Coat: Soft hair coat makes it different from other dogs; its poodle parent is responsible for the curly coat.

Ears: The ears of Yorkipoo can be of either Yorkshire terrier or Poodle, depending upon the genetic percentage.

Coat color: It is available in different colors including silver, white, black, tan, apricot and grey.

Size: Yorkipoo is so cute and small in size and weight, that you can carry it with you anywhere you want easily. Its weight is 1.3-6.3kg (3-14lbs) and adult Yorkipoo height is 17.7-38cm (7-15 inches).


Yorkshire Terrier MixPersonality of Yorkipoo

Persoanlity traits of Yorkipoo are as follows:

  • Socializing with this dog from early age is important if you want to train it well.
  • Though Yorkipoo is small in size but it is one active dog. It also loves to bark and especially when it is happy or enjoying itself. Sometimes it really gets overexcited.
  • Yorkipoo is human friendly dog. It loves and appreciates all the noticing it gets from its owner.
  • Yorkipoo loves its owner and becomes happy when its owner is around. It loves sitting on its owner lap and examines the things which are going around.
  • Yorkipoo is one loyal and friendly dog and loves to participate in its family’s daily activities.
  • This is one curious little fellow and loves to explore the stuffs. Keep an eye on it to prevent major incidents, as being small in size it can get easily lost or injured.

Health problems of Yorkipoo

Its crossbreed makes it healthier in nature but still you must concern with some professional breeders to prevent yourself from buying sick pet. Yorkipoo is also a small dog breed and Legg-Calve-Perthes diseaseis common in these breeds. Legg-Calves-Perthes is actually a hip joint abnormality which can be resolved through surgery. Hip dysplasia can also occur in Yorkipoo as it is found in its parent Poodle. Life span of Yorkipoo can be 15 years if cared properly.

PoodleSuitable environment for Yorkipoo

Best thing about this breed is that it can adapt the environment easily and lives in indoor conditions without trouble. Yorkipoo is suitable pet dog for those who live in an apartment but still some workout or exercise is needed for it on daily basis. As this dog easily gets depressed when it is left alone, try to spend more time with it. Leaving it outdoors on its own is a bad idea, as being smaller in size can cause it some serious harm if left like this. It also needs a moderate temperature to live in.

Exercise for Yorkipoo

Yorkipoo is already low in weight so it does not need too much workout. Daily 20 minutes walk is enough for it. Playing with it daily is also enough to burn extra calories.

Groom your Yorkipoo

Yorkipoo doesn’t need too much grooming but you have to take care of few things. Its hairs do not shed as much as other dogs but still you have to brush its hair to provide shine to the coat and to keep the hair free from tangling. It has long hair around its eyes so you have to trim or brush so the hair won’t go in its eyes and cause any infection or irritation.


Yorkipoo is a perfect dog for those who lives in an apartment and also for those who suffers from allergies. Families who love to spend their time with their dogs can add Yorkipoo in their lives because Yorkipoo loves all the attention it gets.


Pug Shih Tzu is a cross breed between the Pug and Shih Tzu. It is also known by a common name the Pug-zu. It has the mixture of appearance and has character of both of its parents.


Size: Pug zu is small in size and usually has medium length hair which shows the traits of both of its parents. It is very much alike to mini Yorkshire terrier. The parents of this dog are considered as toy dogs. When grown fully it could weigh between 9-16 pounds. It rarely gets any taller than 11 inches.

Coat color: It has a plain color coat but also commonly has a black mask cover on its face which shows its belonging to the Pugs. Black, white or fawn are the common coat colors for this dog.

Nature of Pug-zuPug-zu for sale

This dog naturally represents a gregarious character. As the parents of this dog have a lovely personality, so it is also a mixture of its parent’s nice and sweet nature.

Its nature usually depends upon on which parent is present more in it. If parent Pug is found more than Shih-Tzu then its behavior could be center stage stealing. Because of its parent’s charming nature, the same glamour is present in this dog’s behavior. As for its highly social character, it is not a wise choice to keep  Pug-zu as a watch dog.

Health Problems faced by Pug-zu:

Usually it does not have the same health problems as its parents, but it should be kept in mind that before taking this dog as a pet that it may hold some of the parent’s health problems. It is good to talk to the breeder about these issues

TzuPug-zu Fitness:

This dog requires great amount of attention and does not like to be alone. Families having small children will find it a perfect pet as it is ideal for playing. It is the best family pet because it is a social dog and love having company of others; just like their parents they desire love from others.

Living style for Pug-zu:

Pug-zu usually does not require a big space to live. It could easily find comfort in an old blanket placed in a small basket. If this dog exercises on daily basis then it is fine to keep it in an apartment. Also it requires motivation for daily work out.

Pug-zu Exercising:

At the time of exercise, this dog could become really lazy and some driving force is necessary to make it active. Let the dog chase you; it will think you are playing and both can enjoy exercising at the same time.

Pug-zu Grooming:

As Pug-zu has mid-length hair, it should be kept in mind that daily brushing is necessary to prevent its hair from tangling. Many owners of this dog trim its hair so they can easily manage its grooming. Pug-zu makes a great pet for allergy sufferers because it does not shed hair.