Mixed Breed

Pitweiler: Pitbull and Rottweiler Mix

Pitweiler Appearance

  • Appearance: Pitweiler appears like it is an arrogant and bold dog. It could have the appearance of the both sides of its family. It may look like it has the Rottweiler family present in it or in appearance it could also be like a tall Pit bull.
  • Size: The weight of an elder Pitweiler could be anywhere between 45-100 pounds or it could also be greater than that.
  • Companionship: Pitweiler is a dog of lovely and faithful nature. It senses owner’s mood greatly and shows sensitivity.
  • Ears: Pitweiler’s ears can be left to grow naturally or they can be cropped.
  • Teeth: Pitweiler has scissor like sharp teeth.
  • Body: Pitweiler’s structure could be like a Presa Canario Mastiff but in actions like pit bull it is swift and fast.
  • Hindquarters: Pitweiler is a dog which has brawny and sturdy back legs.
  • Feet: Pitweiler’s feet are large in size and their paws have hard protection and nails.
  • Tail: Pitweiler has a tail which is arched and long.
  • Color: Pitweiler could have a coat of very different colors.
  • Coat: Pitweiler’s coat of hair could be both: small and smooth like its parent Pit Bull or greater in mass like its parent Rottweiler.
  • Shedding: The coat of the Pitweiler does not shed much but in spring season it shows shedding.
  • Grooming: Pitweiler is a dog which is uncomplicated to look after.


PitweilerPitweiler Personality:

Highly emotional and extremely loving are the two most top features in the personality of any Pitweiler. These two qualities make it very loyal and noble, and it also goofs sometimes.
Pitweiler Nature:

The Pitweiler is a dog with great temperament, if it is trained to live among humans when it is in an early age. It is a dog having great intelligence. Also it is a fearless, faithful, tough and arousing dog. It’s every characteristics show that this dog will not back down from giving the life for its owner. It will always return the deeds that it has been given. It is a dog with lots of energy.
Family Dog:

If cared and mingled properly from its early age then Pitweiler would be an excellent family pet. It is a dog which is very good with kids, but just like any other dog, it is recommended to be kept under supervision when it is around babies or small children. The female gender of this dog may found it irritating to live with any other female dog whether it is of this breed or of another breed.

Pitweiler is found to have a social nature and can easily trust strangers but it will always stay cautious around those people who ever did an objectionable thing to it and it always keeps the unpleasant treatment in its memory.


Pitbull and Rottweiler Mix

Pitbull and Rottweiler Mix

Pitweiler Training:

If Pitweiler is not trained properly when it was a puppy then it is very hard to train it when it grows up. They have a special ability to learn things quickly and are very smart. They have the qualities of high speed, loyalty and defending and tracking power.


The Pitweiler barks moderately but its louder barks could be really profound and shrilling. It only growls when it sees any danger in order to make others cautious.


Pitweiler is dog which has a great amount of energy and it requires lots of workout on daily basis.
Physical Ability:
Pitweiler is dog full of power and is very swift. It is used as a service or rescue dog and is found to be a great searcher. Due to its great strength, it is able to drag and bear extensive mass.

Pitweiler Health:

Life Expectancy: Averagely Pitweiler could live up to a life of 10-15 years.
Allergies: Pitweiler is found to be sensitive to chicken.
Health: Pitweiler has the potency to develop hip dysplasia just like its parent Rottweiler.
Skin Health: Drying of skin is commonly found in Pitweiler as skin disease.
Ear Health: After cropping the ears of Pitweiler it is necessary to take good care of hygiene of its ears. It is also recommended that ears should be cleaned after minimum day’s gap. While giving it bath, another thing to be kept in mind is that cotton should be placed in its ears to keep the water from getting in its ear canal, because it can be really harmful for the dog and can cause infection.