Many times, people refer Pomeranian as a Teddy Bear Pomeranian; do you ever think why they use this name?

Pomeranians are commonly known as Poms-Poms. According to the American Kennel Association (AKC), a ‘fox-shaped face’ is the external trait that distinguishes a Pomeranian breed. There are many different face types in Pomeranian but not all are registered officially. The most famous facial features of Pomeranian are:

  • Fox
  • Teddy Bear
  • Baby Doll

There is nothing different other than these features in Pomeranians.


Their ancestors are much larger and renowned as Spitz, they belong to a Pomerania region (former name), which is now the area where Northern Poland and Eastern Germany is present. Pomeranian is the descendants of the Wolfspitz which are the Arctic working dogs.

History of Reduction in Weight

The weight of Pomeranian was thirty to fifty pounds in the initial times.

In the early seventeenth century, the breed gained much popularity as the Queen Victoria’s Windsor’s Marco came into existence. It weighed only 12 pounds which is more than half reduction of its initial weight. This breed received much acceptance from the public.

In our history, some more popular people who owned Pomeranian were:

  • Wife of Napoleon the first Josephine
  • King George the Fourth

Pomeranians also traveled in Titanic in the year 1912. There were three dogs on board and two were rescued. One owned by Elizabeth Rothschild made to the boat number six and another to the boat number seven and its owner was Margaret Hays.

Present Day Pomeranian

Pomeranian ranks among the Top 20 Most Popular Breeds in the United States. Their place in this ranking is constant and they are highly loved. There is much difference in the weight and size of Pomeranians.

Weight Variation: Their weight may vary from three to seven pounds. However, there are much smaller Pomeranians also known as teacup Pomeranians that have a weight of only 2-pounds.

Height Variation: Height of Pomeranians may vary from seven inches to twelve inches.


Although Pomeranians are smaller in size they are very healthy. They own a strong resistive power against many diseases. When cared properly, Pomeranians have a life expectancy of twelve to sixteen years.



Pomeranian is a lively and friendly dog that is very intelligent and has good knowledge of its surroundings. It always wants to take everyone’s attention and when trained well, this dog knows how to get all the attention.

Pomeranian loves to be dominant. It likes to own things and considers itself as a master. If it is left like that, it can become very hard to tackle. When it is trained properly, it can be a very discipline adult.

Pomeranian is a very sensitive dog. It loves its owner a lot and gets emotionally involved. When due to any reason it gets separated from its owner it might get separation anxiety.

It is a nervous breed that likes praises. This dog is very sensible and can become a good watchdog. As it has territorial instincts, it keeps the intruder away by constant barking.

Their size is ideal for house and apartments. Its small size means less space is required for their living and exercise.

Although it has a small size, we know it but Pomeranian doesn’t. It acts like it is a big dog which may lead it to trouble. It is very necessary that it learns to be social from a very young age so it doesn’t get itself in a mess. It is very necessary that owners keep their mind busy and occupied.


Pomeranians have flashy double-layer coats. They have short undercoat along with the dense and long outer coat. There is no stopping in shedding for the whole year but as they lived in the Arctic, they have two major shedding seasons.

Face Shapes:

As stated earlier, Pomeranians have three different face shapes.


Which is obviously like a fox face.

Teddy Bear:

Eyes closer to the cheeks and nose and a shorter snout means the Pomeranian is known as Teddy Bear Pomeranian. One reason to get this name is because of the famous “Teddy Bear Trim”. Care is highly essential when shaving down the hairs as the one-time trimming of the outer coat can lead to permanent changes in the inner coat.  

Baby Doll:

Baby doll Pomeranian looks very much alike to Teddy bear Pomeranian, but they have flat snout with eyes on the far away cheek side.

Now if anyone asks which Pomeranian is better? The answer is whichever you like! Every dog just needs proper training to be a perfect pet and which breed or variation in a breed you select is up to your own choice. If you like teddy bear Pomeranian then you can select it and if you like any other face shape more, you can go ahead to buy it without any hesitation.