Bullboxer: Hybrid Breed of Boxer and Pitbull

Bullboxer is a hybrid dog. It is a cross breed between a Boxer and a Pitbull. Both of these dogs are medium to large in size. Pitbull doesn’t have a very good reputation according to the most dog owners but many people will tell you that this assumption is wrong. On the other hand, Boxer is loved by many people in America and is considered as one of the favorite dogs’ breeds.

When seeing as a whole, both these dogs are intelligent, obedient and friendly. If you look at the boxer, it looks like a dangerous dog but in reality, it is not a fierce dog. Similarly, if you look at the Pitbull, it doesn’t look dangerous but if not properly trained it can be very dangerous. No matter how they look or interact, both these breeds are highly active. The mix Bullboxer also gets this energy from its parents and if the owner is unable to cope up with it, it can be a problem.

Bull Boxer Recognition:

Dogs born as a result of the crossbreed have given different names to identify them, by the naming organizations. A crossbreed between a Pitbull and a Boxer can be given any of these names:

  • American Bull Boxer by ‘The Designer Dogs Kennel Club’.
  • American Bullboxer by ‘The Designer Breed Registry’.
  • Bullboxer Pit by ‘The American Canine Kennel Club’.
  • Bullboxer by ‘The International Designer Canine Registry’.

We are going to use the name ‘Bullboxer’ in this article.

Bullboxer: Introduction

Whenever you talk about a mix breed dog, it is not always the case that the dog will get 50% of both the breeds of its parents. It can be possible that the dog is 60% of one breed and 40% of the other. To have a dog with complete 50 – 50% ratio it is must that both parents are a pure breed. If one parent is a mixed breed then the dog cannot get the equal percentage. However, it doesn’t mean that a Bullboxer which is not born from pure breed parents is not a Bullboxer. Even if the Bullboxer gets a different percentage of both breeds, it will be called a Bullboxer.

Bullboxer breed percentage plays an important role as it determines what kind of nature the Bullboxer will have when it will grow up but these assumptions are not always true. Breeders of this dog can tell you what bloodline the dog has. No matter what percentage of each breed it has, your main concern is to get a Bullboxer which will grow into power, energetic, loyal and social dog. It all depends upon diet and training which can grow the dog in the way you want.

Best way to know about the dog :

The best way to know about a dog is to ask the owners of the same dog about their experiences with the dog. Breeders can also give you a very clear idea about the dog.

You should know that the response you will get from owners and breeders will mostly be positive. If a person is keeping a dog then it means he or she really loves it. That is the reason why you will mostly get positive reviews. If you are not sure whether the opinion of the owners is enough to satisfy you, you can always ask the neighbors of the owners regarding the dog. Although it will be hard to get information like this, it can give you a better idea on a neutral perspective.

Owners of the Bullboxer will tell you that just like its ancestors Pitbull and Boxer, Bullboxer also requires a great amount of exercise. Bullboxer is strong and powerful like its parents and needs the training to remain well behaved and social. So you will need to take care of its exercising needs as well as training, to be a successful owner of the dog.

Problem with the Breed

Bullboxer gets its genes from its parents so it is better to know what characteristics its ancestors possess. Pitbull is obedient and moderate towards humans. It is not aggressive with children. However, it becomes dominant in the presence of other small pets, dogs and especially cats. Boxer doesn’t show much aggression toward other dogs and pets but it becomes overly protective sometimes. This nature makes Boxer dangerous many times as it is a big and strong dog and it can go out of control when it sees smaller animals.


Know about the Dog MORE:

It is important that you know the characteristics of the parents of Bullboxer to determine what kind of behavior it can show in the future. Although you cannot tell at what extinct the dog will get the characteristics of its parents.

All breeds information is available at American Kennel Club (AKC) website. To know about the boxers more, you can visit the American Boxer Club website and for Pit Bull, go to American Pitbull Foundation’s website. With AKC, American Pit Bull has not been registered. You will find the name American Staffordshire Terrier for the same breed.

Detailed Information about Boxer:

Boxers are energetic, loyal and sometimes mischievous dogs. Boxers are social among humans and are friendly with children. They stay alert of strangers but maintain their distance. They are not aggressive towards strangers and only in rare cases, they attack strangers. Boxers are powerful, large, and active dogs so they require a lot of exercises to stay fit and obedient. If they are not given enough room, time for exercising and proper attention then they can become destructive.


If you look at a Boxer you will see its most distinguishing feature is its face. If you look at its face it looks like it is worried about something but its square shape jaws tell a different tale. Its face has lots of wrinkles. Boxers can be found in a combination of brindle and tan, some boxers are also white.


Boxer doesn’t often get into fights with other dogs but if however, it decides to participate in one, it is very hard to tame it down. Boxer is an intelligent, playful, quick learner and loyal dog. It behaves well if given enough territory, attention, and exercise. The Boxer can be a great pet if you live in an apartment as it doesn’t bark unnecessarily if you give it enough attention

When given enough attention, training and fulfilling exercising needs, Boxers can be very loyal and friendly family dogs.

Detailed Information about Pitbull

Pitbull is a brave, active and powerful dog. People have a different opinion relating its size; some call it medium size dog while other calls it a large dog. No matter what size category it falls in, Pitbull is an energetic, strong and compact dog breed. Pitbull has a burly body with a thick neck and a powerful jaw and head.

Pitbull is a great dog when it is trained well. It becomes social with people and other animals. However, if not properly trained and raised, it can become an aggressive dog. Pitbull is energetic and looks strong when it is moving. Pitbull has a glossy and short coat and it is found in many colors.

Families who adopt a Pitbull should be careful about choosing the dog. Pitbull needs the training to be social among humans and other animals. It is raised as a puppy to tolerate and be comfortable among other animals. If an untrained Pitbull is brought into the house, it will attack any other animal it can fight with. Pitbull is strong-willed; while training it, one must be careful and patient. If you are adopting a puppy then making it social with the humans and other pets are a must.

Pitbull has been used throughout ages in dog fights. They are trained to fight other dogs; this training could have been passed down to its generations. Breeders have tried hard to remove this fighting urge from this dog.

What happens when you combine Pitbull and Boxer


Bullboxer is medium to large dog. It can stand up to 20 to 27 inches in height. It weights around 40 to 75 pounds. The males are taller and heavier than females. Bullboxer is usually found in brindle or tan color which is adapted from Boxers but it can also be found in any other color than its ancestors have. A Bullboxer is calm and gentle towards people. It is a family dog and shows love for its owner. If a Bullboxer is raised as a puppy among other animals, it will show good social skills among other pets. However, due to its characteristics passed down from Pitbull, it can still show aggression towards other smaller pets especially smaller dogs.

Possible Health Issues

Bullboxer being a hybrid breed is expected to be healthier than both Boxers and Pitbulls. Bullboxer can get many health problems from its parents if it has been born from a pure breed. Boxers carry less immunity against some types of cancer and heart diseases. They can also be a target of allergies which can cause problems in their skin and they might develop abnormal eating habits as a result of it. Among these problems, many target the Boxers but they can also be treated. On another hand, Pitbull may carry health problems like ear infections, skin irritations or even cancer. Although these health problems are found in both of these breeds it is still unknown to what extent they affect their hybrid breed Bullboxer. However, there is a possibility that Bullboxer can catch any of these health problems from its parents.

Managing an American Bullboxer

Owning a bullboxer means you have to be very responsive to make sure it stays a friendly and gentle dog. It is not wise to leave this dog with children alone. Although it may not harm the children it is familiar with but it can attack anyone if it feels that a person can harm the children. Bullboxer is a large dog so it requires a lot of exercises. When you take it out for a walk, make sure it has been properly trained for it. You should always show dominance over it otherwise it has enough strength to make you run with it. Bullboxer loves its owner and it shows it love by jumping on its owner as a friendly gesture. It is a strong dog; it carries many characteristics from its ancestors one of which is being stubborn.

What you can learn from Hybrid Dog Societies

These article list societies that are very good sources for finding the Bullboxer or any other kind of mixed breed dogs. The website they provide have lots of information regarding hybrid dogs and in this cause Bullboxer, but if you need complete knowledge about a dog then it is wise to visit websites of people that are totally devoted towards this certain breed. Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America has a good website that provides good info about these dogs. This website can also provide you with links that can lead you to other breeders and trainers of Bullboxers.

Other sources to get information about Bullboxer

If you are looking for a Bullboxer puppy then the best place to get it is from a breeder. A breeder can give you all the information regarding the puppy’s parents and their characteristics. You can also know what Bloodline the puppy has or whether it has been breed from pure breed parents or not. Shelter and animal rescue can have Bullboxers but they will have adult dogs and it is not a good idea to bring it home if you don’t know about its past training.

Many breeders have their own websites where they display the dogs they want to sell. They also list the breed they have, their bloodlines and what kind of dogs they have already sold. This information can tell you many things about a Bullboxer, its appearance, health, colors, and its overall looks. Many breeders don’t like to put the price of the dog on their website and you have to meet or contact them to discover it while some will put the price of the dog on their website.

If you are looking for a Bullboxer then the best place to get it is from a local breeder. Since breeders don’t prefer to ship the puppies, local breeders can give you the dog directly. Also, many breeders like to know about the owners as well, so locally you can meet them easily.

Bullboxer is a strong, tough, friendly, loyal and social dog. People might have a different opinion regarding it but it all depends upon the training. It depends upon the owner and his capability to handle and train this dog.