Pomchi is not a type of dog breed, more so it is a mixed breed of dog or better known as a designer dog. The cross breeding between a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua resulted in Pomchi dogs. They are small and can lean towards becoming more of a Pomeranian like or more of a Chihuahua like.  Pomchi usually has long hair, but not as long as the Pomeranian and it will shed dramatically, so it should be brushed regularly. This dog size will weigh around 1 to 10lbs and will stand between 6 to 9 inches tall. The pups that are tagged as teacups must not be bought since these are poorly bred dogs and they lack enough nutrition, genes or even both.


The temper of a Pomchi is more of a Pomeranian, which is protective and loyal of its master or it can also be like a Chihuahua that is hard headed and very outgoing. The temper may be controlled by the level of socialization you introduced to the dog during the younger years. A lot of owners of small dogs may fail to become sociable if not properly exposed and trained, thus it will result in a nervous, timid and scary dog. Just like any other dog breeds, Pomchi also has the tendency to have genetic issues with the teeth and legs, especially if the breeders are not good, respectable and they have not taken the sire and dam to show some proof that they are worth breeding animals or they had tested them for genes and health problems. However, mixed breed dogs can have hybrid vigor, due to the mixture of the genes. This designer breed was 1st formed in the US compared with other mixes, this is the newest type.


Pomchi puppies are very charming and attractive, but they will require a lot of your time and energy because you need to train them in becoming sociable with other animals and people within the household. Enrolling them in a kinder class can be helpful too. It may provide them with a foundation for some basic manners along with the form of socializing with new people and animals too. The pups may either be housebroken or they can also be trained to use the litter box, regardless of the method you choose, you still need to be very careful in watching for signs for the pup to relieve himself/herself. With close training and patience, this pup may be easily potty trained.


Pomchi is a very smart and lively dog that is very much interested to learn and please its master. This dog is very loyal to its family. Pomchi is easy to get along with and it is friendly with kids and other animals too, especially when trained to become sociable at a young age. Though the dog might easy to get along with well with kids if they are lovable, probable owners must not tolerate mistreatment of this dog, because of the tendency to bite when mistreated or during a rough play. It is a very good idea to watch kids while playing with dogs, especially with Pomchi, since this dog is small enough to be easily hurt during a rough play.

They are not as hard headed as a purebred Chihuahua. Pomchi is also an active type of dog and it must go through a daily exercise routine to keep it healthy and happy throughout its life. The training will go along well because it is a very intelligent type of dog.  It is well known for its confidence and loyalty to its family. It will bark to keep the master and the family alert in the presence of a stranger and it is also a good watchdog. It might be tenacious even if it has the ability to please its owners all the time.


Pomchi is not famous for its serious health conditions. It is a great idea for possible owners to go through an investigation first before bringing home one. It will be best to find out if the sire and the dam’s conditions are good and if they do not have any health problems. You need to make sure that the Pomchi is in good health condition, before taking it home. The average lifespan of a Pomchi is around 12-18 years old with proper diet and regular checkups.


Pomchi will require you to brush a lot of times a week because this is important to make sure that the hair of the dog will not be matted. Owners must be cautious about the dog’s skin; it is very fragile and must only be shampooed if important. You also need to use a very mild shampoo to prevent skin problems. This dog needs good dental hygiene to prevent dental issues later on. The teeth must be brushed once weekly, but you can brush often if you want to. They also have active tear ducts; you need to clean the eye area all the time. If you will enable the tear discharge to build up that can be hurtful for the dog.


Pomchi is designed to live indoors with its master and get a lot of love and care. This dog will not do well outdoor nor can’t it survive to live alone over long periods of time. You need to train the dog if you do not want it to bark all the time. Though this dog can do short walks, it will appreciate playing, since it is playful by nature and it is also its best exercise that makes it suited for an apartment living. Possible owners must be cautious with the Pomchi since they cannot deal with very cold weather. If the dog will stay outdoors for a long period of time during winter, there should be a sweater or coat to prevent it from chilling and developing health-related problems.


During the socialization process, the dog will learn how to mingle with other animals and people as well.  You need to do your best to make the dog follow you and be as obedient as possible. With this, you can ask help to veteran trainers or you can also enroll the dog to a school. There are classes that can help a puppy become sociable. It is essential for the dog to learn how to mingle with other dogs and be able to accept what seems to be acceptable and what might not be acceptable. Those with small dogs like Pomchi usually panic whenever the dog is surrounded by big dog breeds. With your supervision, the dog will be able to adjust well with other dogs and it will be safe with them around. On the other hand, there are some who fail from helping their dog deal with the big dogs, even if they are around and this may cause risk to the Pomchi later on.


Since Pomchi is a hybrid, it’s not acknowledged by prime dog registries like the AKC & Canadian Kennel Club. It is only acknowledged by register office that agrees to take hybridized, crossbreed & designer dogs like the American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Dogs Kennel Club, International Designer Canine Registry, Designer Breed Registry & the Pomchi Club of America. Pomchi is also known as Chiranian, Pomahuahua, and Chipom.


Pomchi usually have a small coat or it may also have a longer one, it’s a hybridize type of dog & may take the features of whichever sire or dam or even both. The coats might be solo or dual depending on the sire and dam. The colors may also be in solid underneath the sun.  The grooming may depend on the coats. Pomchi is also known for having sensitive skin and you should brush them at least two times weekly with just a soft brush. You should bathe the dog nor just if the canine becomes muddy and stinking, otherwise, don’t bathe them regularly if not needed.


Feeding your dog with nutritious foods is so essential. Pomeranian may tend to become overweight if not taken care of in terms of diet, so the Pomchi may also have the tendency of becoming overweight if not taken care of. Be watchful with what they eat, because overweight dogs may have a serious health problem just like humans. Pomeranians are prone to diabetes, joint, and ligament issue if the diet is not controlled accordingly. But Poms do burn calories faster than other dog breeds, especially while they are still pups, but as they grow, they need a modified diet and more exercise too. Taking care of the Pomchi is so important to make them happy, healthy and to prolong their life as well.


You can collect your dog when it is around 12 weeks old. Pomchi must be weaned at 10 weeks, later than the average 8 weeks and they must be given their very first set of injections then too. If this will not occur, you have to set an appointment with a vet for the injections a.s.a.p. The dog must be healthy to make it very happy and to also prolong its lifespan.

When feeding the dog, make sure that the food is the same as it was weaned onto. The breeder or the dog seller will provide you with one until such time you have found it for your own. The pups must be fed once a day and make sure that the bowl of fresh water is readily available all the time. You shouldn’t give the pup bones, because this may split and may cause serious injury to the pup.

You have to buy a crate for the pup, Pomchi is just a small dog and he doesn’t need a big crate. You just have to buy a crate that is just sufficient for the dog size. Pomchi only prefers small, but comfortable spaces at home; you can line the crate with a soft blanket to keep the pup warm and comfortable at the same time.

You can introduce the Pomchi to the crate slowly to allow him to explore and encourage it to stay inside. As soon as the pup seems happy with the crate, you can close the door, but make sure that you are there and visible to the pup, so it will not suffer from separation anxiety at a young age. You can let the Pomchi out once in a while and pamper him with lots of attention and treat him accordingly.

You can teach the pup little by little, like closing the door of the crate, when he is ready; you can turn off the lights and then, later on, close the door of the crate, turn off the light and leave the room for a few seconds while watching over him in a far place of the house. When you come back to do that with a reward and then repeat this process over and over again until such time that he is very much ready and have adjusted and relaxed to stay in the crate without you even if the lights are off.

Later on, you will reap all your hard work with the pup as he learns how to become independent and how to follow your house rules. It will be good for him too, as he lives with you and your entire household. When the pup is ready for the leash, don’t hesitate to teach him that too, it will be great for him and for you as well, since learning a lot of things can make this dog better and well suited for you. You can walk in the park while the dog is on a leash without having a hard time. You can also teach the dog how to poop and wee in a particular place only and not all over the house.