Many families really want to own their own Pomeranian puppy but are unable to afford it as it is very expensive. This turns the families towards the search of finding a free Pomeranian puppy by ads in local newspapers or the internet.

Getting a free Pomeranian is not that easy:

If you think you can get a free Pomeranian puppy with ease then you should first focus on these pointers and ask yourself whether it is real or just a hoax:

  • Why would anyone want to give away a Pomeranian for free? They must have spent a pretty good amount to get it. Why would they give it away freely rather than getting the money back?
  • They could have even spent $1000 or more for the puppy. It is not likely that they will give it away when it starts to grow a little older.
  • Finally, if they have even decided to give it away, offering it free has a hard chance since they must have spent more money on caretaking.

So overall it is not a very good idea to think that a person might be giving you a Pomeranian puppy for nothing in return.

Why anyone gives a Pomeranian for free?

Although the facts are clear, it should be noted that it is not always true. You can find a free Pomeranian puppy somewhere but the chance is very low. There are many situations that can lead a person to just give away his Pomeranian puppy for free but it rarely happens.

You can find many ads online about people giving away their Pomeranian puppies for free. We said before that it happens very rarely so what is the catch here. Well, these puppies are actually cross breeds of Pomeranian breed and some other dog, making them mutts. People have plenty of these kinds of puppies so they might try to trick you into thinking it is a pure breed but in reality, it is not.

You desire for a free Pomeranian puppy might never be fulfilled but if you are searching for an adult Pomeranian dog for free then there is a better chance that you can get it. Again, there can be many situations that can cause the owner to give away his Pomeranian.

  • The owner could have lost his job and can’t afford to take care of his dog anymore.
  • The owner could have been moving to a new place which doesn’t allow pets.
  • The owner has died and the family members don’t want to keep the dog.

The situations can be limitless.

Now, where can you find such a Pomeranian adult of a puppy? The answer is simple by contacting a Pomeranian rescue organization or any other dog saving organization. These organizations give away homeless dogs. You can find the right dog for you here or in this case a Pomeranian. Although these dogs are not completely free as you are required to pay some fee which is too low and very close to free. So, if you are searching for a Pomeranian dog or any other breed it is better that you visit these organizations rather than spending your money on a new one.