This big and tall dog is a mix breed dog known as Labrador retriever Husky Mix. As the name indicates, it is a mix between the Husky and the Labrador retriever. Most commonly it is renowned by the name Siberian retriever which is completely different from Labrador Husky, so both mustn’t be taken as same. It is an intelligent dog and is very loyal to its owner.

Siberian retriever Appearance:

Its appearance usually depends on which breed is found more in it. Some of the Siberian retrievers may look more like husky while others may resemble more to Labrador retriever.

Head: Its head is of triangular shape while its ears are erected and pointy.

Eyes: It is common in these dogs to have different colored eyes one could be brown in color and others could be pale blue.

Tail: It is a tall dog with a curled tail like its parent Husky and is commonly black in color with pointed white tip.

Hair Coat: It has medium length hair coat of any of these colors: white and black, or brown with copper.

Weight: Labrador retriever Husky mix is a tall dog and its weight could be between 18-27kg or 40-60lbs.

Siberian retriever temperament
The Siberian retriever is commonly renowned for its loving and friendly nature. This dog is known for the patience it holds. It is likely to be a family pet due to its cheerful behavior and strong bond of relationship with its owners. It is a water-loving dog with a nice nature. This dog’s water-loving nature has been in its genetics as it adopted it from its parent Labrador retriever. Also, a Siberian retriever is known as a dog which likes to be in the water.

Labrador retriever Husky mix has a lot of energy and requires stable love and care from their human owners. On the other hand, its husky family is usually fond of barking but this dog is a quiet and calm dog. It is a great protector and will bark to call others for help when required.

Siberian retriever health problems
Labrador retriever Husky mix could live up to ten to fifteen years when it rightly cares. Usually, the Siberian retriever does not have any major health problems but has the potency to have fleas, so its ears should be checked frequently.

Siberian retriever Living requirements

Labrador retriever Husky mix is relatively a big dog so it requires a big place to live. It is highly recommended to keep this dog in a medium to large walls surrounded backyard. Another thing that should be kept in mind that it is not a rain lover so in the night it is necessary to keep it indoors or in the garage.

Siberian retriever exercise needs
This dog requires a great amount of exercise and should be walked at least two times a day. It loves to run freely so it should be taken to a park or to an open field where it is safe to free it from its restrictions. It is quite intelligent and also a quick learner. The best way of involving it in exercise is by playing Frisbee.

Siberian retriever grooming

Siberian retriever doesn’t need to be groomed much. Just like all the other dogs, it requires proper brushing of its coat once or twice in a week. This dog requires more brushing in the season of spring and summer when its undercoat starts to shed.

Final Verdict

This dog is a suitable dog for families with active family members living in a big house who like to go outdoors on a daily basis for spending quality time. This dog does not like being alone for too much time because it could easily get separation anxiety disorder. It is not recommended to keep it as a pet for old people due to its energetic behavior. If it is not exercised on a daily basis, it becomes highly vigor and can cause mischief.

It is a great hunting dog due to its great skills of tracking and retrieving. In some parts of the world, it is also used by the police department for tracking narcotics just like a pure breed Labrador retriever.