Poodle and Maltese Mix

General Information:

This cute little dog is a mix breed of the Poodle and the Maltese. Commonly these dogs are known as Maltipoo or the Malt-a-Poo. It is in their genetics to have puppy like appearance till their late years of life. They have different hair coats that can either be curly or shaggy. Their coat color has variety: black, white, brown, cream, tan, and other than these colors they can also have erratic grey markings

There can be great diversity in the appearance of sisters and brothers of the same types of parents as appearance is mostly dependant on the traits that are inherited by a puppy from its parents.

Size of Maltipoo

Maltipoo height can be 14 inches and its weight can be around 2.2-6.8 kg or 5-15 lbs. usually the puppy height and weight depends upon the size of the parents.

Personality of Maltipoo

A well-bred Maltipoo puppy has a friendly personality and it loves to be in the presence of people. As Poodle and Maltese both have a friendly nature so   Maltipoo has adapted this good parents’ habit and develops a kind and friendly character. A Maltipoo loves to be outdoors as much as possible and it also likes to play a lot; it is included in their nature. If this dog does not get enough to play then it can cause trouble at house. Learn more about its personality.

Training of Maltipoo

A Maltipoo should be trained from the very day it is bought home so it can get socialize; it learns things quickly so no hard working is required on training.

Health issue of Maltipoo

If a Maltipoo is cared properly and does not have any health problems from their parents then they can live up to an average of twelve to fifteen years. Usually no health issues are found in these dogs but it is recommended for the potential owners to ask the reputable breeder if the parents had any genetic diseases. Parents’ genetics matter a lot in the puppy’s health.

Best Suitable environment for Maltipoo

A Maltipoo is not for the countries with extremely hot weather because it becomes lazy in intense heat and likes to remain indoors in air conditioned or cool rooms. A Maltipoo requires a change of environment because it could get easily bored with the same place. It is good to keep Maltipoo inside an apartment as long as it gets a daily outdoor walk to get its mood cheered up.

Exercise for Maltipoo

Its requirement of exercising is quite low as it has a playful nature and usually it tires itself up by playing around on its own. However, a daily walk for short time period is considered good.

Grooming of Maltipoo

Usually the grooming of a Maltipoo depends upon the coat it has. Commonly, a Maltipoo requires daily brushing, but if it has a curly coat like its parent poodle then it should be kept tidy by visiting a professional groomer after every 6 weeks. It is really important to keep good care of the coat because if it is not groomed daily, a dog may get an infection as it possesses very sensitive skin.

Just like their parent Poodle, a Maltipoo’s ears are also very sensitive. They require to be kept clean and dry. A great idea is to have their ears checked up at the vet every time you take it there.

Perfect Family for the Maltese and Poodle Mix

A Maltipoo does not require a great amount of exercise as little bit of walk can do the job. It perfectly suits a family with few activities. It is a great pet for families having small children as this dog has a good playful nature.