Pug Shih Tzu is a cross breed between the Pug and Shih Tzu. It is also known by a common name the Pug-zu. It has the mixture of appearance and has character of both of its parents.


Size: Pug zu is small in size and usually has medium length hair which shows the traits of both of its parents. It is very much alike to mini Yorkshire terrier. The parents of this dog are considered as toy dogs. When grown fully it could weigh between 9-16 pounds. It rarely gets any taller than 11 inches.

Coat color: It has a plain color coat but also commonly has a black mask cover on its face which shows its belonging to the Pugs. Black, white or fawn are the common coat colors for this dog.

Nature of Pug-zuPug-zu for sale

This dog naturally represents a gregarious character. As the parents of this dog have a lovely personality, so it is also a mixture of its parent’s nice and sweet nature.

Its nature usually depends upon on which parent is present more in it. If parent Pug is found more than Shih-Tzu then its behavior could be center stage stealing. Because of its parent’s charming nature, the same glamour is present in this dog’s behavior. As for its highly social character, it is not a wise choice to keep  Pug-zu as a watch dog.

Health Problems faced by Pug-zu:

Usually it does not have the same health problems as its parents, but it should be kept in mind that before taking this dog as a pet that it may hold some of the parent’s health problems. It is good to talk to the breeder about these issues

TzuPug-zu Fitness:

This dog requires great amount of attention and does not like to be alone. Families having small children will find it a perfect pet as it is ideal for playing. It is the best family pet because it is a social dog and love having company of others; just like their parents they desire love from others.

Living style for Pug-zu:

Pug-zu usually does not require a big space to live. It could easily find comfort in an old blanket placed in a small basket. If this dog exercises on daily basis then it is fine to keep it in an apartment. Also it requires motivation for daily work out.

Pug-zu Exercising:

At the time of exercise, this dog could become really lazy and some driving force is necessary to make it active. Let the dog chase you; it will think you are playing and both can enjoy exercising at the same time.

Pug-zu Grooming:

As Pug-zu has mid-length hair, it should be kept in mind that daily brushing is necessary to prevent its hair from tangling. Many owners of this dog trim its hair so they can easily manage its grooming. Pug-zu makes a great pet for allergy sufferers because it does not shed hair.