Schweenie: Dachshund Shih Tzu Mix

This adorable mix dog is renowned as “Schweenie”. It is a mixer of the dog breed “Dachshund” and “Shih Tzu”. Those people who live in an apartment can enjoy its company as it is a perfect indoor dog. Its smaller size makes it easy to care. Schweenie has taken a height of its parent “Shih Tzu” and length of its parent “Dachshund”. This cute small dog has a charming face with big floppy ears. The beautiful rusty color of its hair coat makes it even more attractive. It has broad muscular shoulders, though it is smaller in size but has a strong body.

Personality of Schweenie 

Following traits are present in this cute little dog:

  • Being absolutely loyal to its owner/family make it a good family dog.
  • Training is not a hard thing; its loyal and friendly nature makes this process very easy.
  • Schweenie is one intelligent dog and knows how to get their owner’s attention.
  • Socializing with it from a young age is very important, other than that it will not bother to care about you because this is one moody dog.
  • Schweenie quickly adapts things from its surroundings.
  • They are so fond of their owner and if left alone for too long or get separated they become a victim of separation anxiety.

Height and weight of Schweenie

This cute little dog is very light in weight, the total weight of adult Schweenie is 4-9 kg which makes about 9-20lbs. The total height of Schweenie is 27-50 cm or 11-20 inches.

Exercise for Schweenie

Schweenie is small in size but still, the workout is necessary. 20 minutes of walk is enough for this little fellow on a daily basis. Even when it is raining outside you can play fetch in a house with it and it will be enough for Schweenie.

Health problems for Schweenie

Luckily this dog is free from hip related problems just like its parents. The only problem it faces is of ticks and fleas due to its long hair coat. Giving it proper flea free treatment can solve this problem. Lack of health problems and a great amount of love and care can increase its life limit to 10-14 years.

Groom your Schweenie

Schweenie does not need too much work, all you have to do is brush its hairs 2-3 time in a week to provide shine without tangles.

A suitable environment for Schweenie

Having Schweenie is amazing because if you travel or move a lot it can easily get used to it very quickly however it can’t adapt well if the owner gets change. Schweenie becomes too much fond of its owner that separation can depress it a lot with great anxiety.

Before buying Schweenie, one must absolutely think or concentrate on this point. It is a perfect dog for those who live in an apartment. Try to keep it in as Schweenie is not an outdoor dog. Give Schweenie its personal bed to sleep on which should be placed in a warm and cozy area of the house.


Schweenie is one perfect breed for those families who have kids in it. It enjoys the company of its owner and prefers the attention more than anything. It loves its owner; like hugs and even prefers to be in the same room as its owner. Schweenie is completely human-friendly dog and kids love it because of its calm personality. Socializing with it from a young age is necessary to keep its friendly nature alive.