German Shepherd and Lab Mix – Sheprador


Two best dog breeds are combined together to make a perfect mix dog known as “Sheprador”. Sheprador is a lab mixer of breed “German shepherd” and “Golden Labrador retriever”. Crossbreeding between these two give Sheprador an appearance of Labrador and color of the German shepherd. Some of the Shephradors have black circles around their eyes.

Being active and filled with energy makes it even more lovely, especially for people who love to have fun by spending some quality time with their dogs. All its personality characters are gifted to it by its breeding parents. They make it an amazing family pet dog.

Personality of Sheprador

When it comes to personality traits, Sheprador has the best qualities of both German shepherd and Labrador. The German shepherd is a good tracker and sniffer which can also be seen in Sheprador. Also, like the German shepherd, Sheprador has:

Love for exercise

The likeness of playing and having fun

Protective instincts for its owner and family

Like Labrador, Sheprador is a big fan of chewing stuff. So to keep household products save from chewing, give your Sheprador a chewing toy to prevent loss of products. The traits of Labrador which Sheprador has are:

Gentle nature

Love for humans

Devoted towards its owner

Sheprador Weight and Height

Comparison between these three breeds can show that Sheprador, German shepherd and Labrador (comparison) are almost identical. Here is the chart to show their height and weight accordingly:

Sheprador Weight and Height Chart
Dog breedsMax. HeightWeight (Male-Female)
German shepherd26 inchesAdult Male: 30-40kg Adult Female: 22-32kg
Labrador retriever28 inches
Adult Male: 29-36kg Adult Female: 25-32kg
27 inches
Adult Male: 20-24kg Adult Female: 15-20kg

Health problems in Sheprador

Major health problem of this dog breed is hip dysplasia and the best way to avoid such a problem is by keeping your dog as healthy and fit as you can. Don’t let its weight cross its ideal weight limit. Take it on a walk and make it exercise on a daily basis. Sheprador usually lives 10-14 years and female Sheprador gives birth to 4-6 puppies at a time.

A suitable environment for Sheprador

Sheprador has energetic nature and it needs a big open place to have fun. If you have a backyard with plenty of space, then Sheprador is perfect pet dog for you. Also, one thing which is important is you have to be as active as Sheprador cause if you left it alone to be bored, it will turn into one mischievous dog and creates disasters you can’t even imagine. So for active families, Sheprador can be a perfect addition. Also, it is an ideal pet for those families who have kids to spend good time with their Sheprador.

Exercise and different activities are necessary

For Sheprador, exercise or other activities are necessary, as this dog is very active and energetic; also it needs some activities now and then which can keep it busy from being mischievous. Two walks in a day are important to keep it active and away from sickness or illness like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Outdoor activities and different toys are needed to keep this smart breed active and engaged mentally and physically.

Groom your Sheprador

It is very necessary to keep your dogs groomed to keep them away from sickness, infections, etc. Here are some points you have to take care of when you have a Sheprador:

Sheprador has transparent nails which can be hard to see while trimming. Try to avoid it by doing it yourself, instead let the professional groomers do it or leave your Sheprador on a hard surface so it may do it on its own.

Sheprador has a thick layer of hairs on their body which should be brushed on a daily basis. Daily brushing gives its hair a wonderful shine.

Shedding blade should be used whenever your dog is shedding its hair. As Sheprador sheds its hair twice in a year, so make sure dead hair gets easily removed; keep your dog in good condition.

Sheprador is known to release some fluid through its eyes at times. To keep its eyes free from infection or irritation, use wet cloth or Kleenex to keep the eyes clean.


In the end, Sheprador is a perfect pet for families who have kids and also it can be a great security guard for you because when it comes to protecting its owner, this dog is all fierce and sharp. Sheprador can be a perfect addition in any family who wants characteristics of German shepherd and Labrador, as this dog is the best combination of both.