The cross breed between Poodle and Yorkshire terrier gives cute looking dog which is known as “Yorkipoo”, it is also spelled as “Yorkie-Poo”. Its name suits its personality as it is a cute looking dog with loving heart. The reason behind its breeding is that it can provide company to those who suffer from allergies because unlike other dogs, it sheds less hair. This dog is perfect for those who are looking for a dog which requires less care or grooming.


Hair Coat: Soft hair coat makes it different from other dogs; its poodle parent is responsible for the curly coat.

Ears: The ears of Yorkipoo can be of either Yorkshire terrier or Poodle, depending upon the genetic percentage.

Coat color: It is available in different colors including silver, white, black, tan, apricot and grey.

Size: Yorkipoo is so cute and small in size and weight, that you can carry it with you anywhere you want easily. Its weight is 1.3-6.3kg (3-14lbs) and adult Yorkipoo height is 17.7-38cm (7-15 inches).


Yorkshire Terrier MixPersonality of Yorkipoo

Persoanlity traits of Yorkipoo are as follows:

  • Socializing with this dog from early age is important if you want to train it well.
  • Though Yorkipoo is small in size but it is one active dog. It also loves to bark and especially when it is happy or enjoying itself. Sometimes it really gets overexcited.
  • Yorkipoo is human friendly dog. It loves and appreciates all the noticing it gets from its owner.
  • Yorkipoo loves its owner and becomes happy when its owner is around. It loves sitting on its owner lap and examines the things which are going around.
  • Yorkipoo is one loyal and friendly dog and loves to participate in its family’s daily activities.
  • This is one curious little fellow and loves to explore the stuffs. Keep an eye on it to prevent major incidents, as being small in size it can get easily lost or injured.

Health problems of Yorkipoo

Its crossbreed makes it healthier in nature but still you must concern with some professional breeders to prevent yourself from buying sick pet. Yorkipoo is also a small dog breed and Legg-Calve-Perthes diseaseis common in these breeds. Legg-Calves-Perthes is actually a hip joint abnormality which can be resolved through surgery. Hip dysplasia can also occur in Yorkipoo as it is found in its parent Poodle. Life span of Yorkipoo can be 15 years if cared properly.

PoodleSuitable environment for Yorkipoo

Best thing about this breed is that it can adapt the environment easily and lives in indoor conditions without trouble. Yorkipoo is suitable pet dog for those who live in an apartment but still some workout or exercise is needed for it on daily basis. As this dog easily gets depressed when it is left alone, try to spend more time with it. Leaving it outdoors on its own is a bad idea, as being smaller in size can cause it some serious harm if left like this. It also needs a moderate temperature to live in.

Exercise for Yorkipoo

Yorkipoo is already low in weight so it does not need too much workout. Daily 20 minutes walk is enough for it. Playing with it daily is also enough to burn extra calories.

Groom your Yorkipoo

Yorkipoo doesn’t need too much grooming but you have to take care of few things. Its hairs do not shed as much as other dogs but still you have to brush its hair to provide shine to the coat and to keep the hair free from tangling. It has long hair around its eyes so you have to trim or brush so the hair won’t go in its eyes and cause any infection or irritation.


Yorkipoo is a perfect dog for those who lives in an apartment and also for those who suffers from allergies. Families who love to spend their time with their dogs can add Yorkipoo in their lives because Yorkipoo loves all the attention it gets.